Jesse Watters Squeezes Lindsey Graham On Fast Moving Ukraine Aid While Americans Are Left Hanging

Fox News Channel’s Jesse Watters left a squishy Lindsey Graham squirming on Thursday night as he confronted the GOP Senator about why billions of American taxpayer dollars seems to fly out the door for foreign countries while aid for struggling Americans dealing with numerous domestic crises is left hanging in congressional limbo.

The latest example was a $40 billion-dollar aid package for Ukraine, which Watters created. Both sides were expected to support the measure, but Sen. Rand Paul (R–KY), objected.

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‘A Lot Of Gum Chewing But Not Much Walking’

Watters wondered aloud why foreign aid sails through Congress, but American problems get ignored: “We’ve got a major baby formula crisis on our hands right now. Congress won’t even hold a hearing on it for a week, meanwhile the illegals are getting formula. They’re going to tell us that congress can walk and chew gum at the same time, but all I’m seeing these days is a lot of gum chewing, but not much walking.”

He was quick to ask Graham why the Americans were paying for Ukraine, while ignoring pressing domestic issues. 

“Senator, you know how we feel about this. Of course, we want to assist Ukraine. It goes so quickly like Ukraine gets everything done, just like this. Like Billions of dollars out the front door This. And meanwhile, Americans are looking around like, ‘Hey Congress, what about us?’”

At this point, Graham was totally on board with Watters saying, “I totally get it. Here’s the problem with the Ukraine – they run out of money in terms of buying weapons I think in the middle of May. The Ukrainian army has been waging war on the Russian army. They’re about to run out of ammunition. They’re not asking for any soldiers, they’re not asking us to take over the skies anymore.”

Watters stopped him and responded, “I know, but we’re getting our asses whooped here, senator. Watters, you know this. And we should’ve gotten that weaponry out to them a year ago when we saw the buildup coming.”

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Let the spin begin

It was here that Graham began to run interference for the almost certain “yes” vote that he will cast for any future aid packages to Ukraine. Graham was open to Watters’ support, with some caveats.

“Amen,” Graham said. “Common sense tells you that Putin is not going to stop in Ukraine. He was planning to invade, common sense says. The people at the border also want to stop Putin entering Ukraine. If I thought pulling the plug on Ukraine would make any problem better here, I would entertain it but, our problems here don’t get better by allowing Putin to win in Ukraine because he won’t stop.” 

Jesse Watters interrupted Graham’s pirouetting to ask the obvious question, “Can’t we do both, senator? Can’t we do fast-track for America? Everything is fast-tracked for overseas can’t we fast track it here?”

Again Sen. Graham spoke very kindly.

“I’m with you. Why don’t we fast track changing our laws at the border? Why don’t we fast-track oil and gas, right? Why don’t we drill for oil and gas that we own? I can’t argue with you. I’m not trying to argue with you that we should be doing more here at home. It is important to have rational borders policies. We don’t.”

Hello Senator. Do you possibly know any Senators in Congress who would be willing to do this instead of just pretending to do it?

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McConnell and Schumer are the obstacles Rand Paul

Fortunately, for the collective American wallet, the one thing that is standing in the way of Chuck Schumer’s and Mitch McConnell’s desire to rob the Treasury blind on behalf of foreigners, is Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY). 

Paul temporarily suspended the massive spending bill that McConnell, Schumer, and McConnell wanted passed through Congress. Paul requested that the text be amended to include the right to access an inspector general to oversee how the funds are used. 

But ever the professional, Jesse Watters ended his discussion with Sen. Graham by saying, “We agree.” Watch the full interview here:

‘We’re Getting Our Asses Whooped Here, Senator’: Jesse Watters Presses Lindsey Graham on Ukraine Aid Passing More Quickly Than Domestic Relief


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