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Nonprofit, Corporate, Or Freelance: Benefits Of Each Path You Can Take In Your Career

The career path you choose is most likely not going to be linear. The generations of the past had the luxury of being able to have one job or work at one or two companies during their careers. The job market is far different now as technology regularly automates certain jobs. Each path that can be taken has benefits and drawbacks like any major decision that you will make. The following are the benefits of each path you might choose whether it is freelancing, working in a corporate environment, or working at a nonprofit 

Corporate Gig

Landing a great corporate gig right out of high school or college can seem like a blessing. The ability to immediately start paying off any debts and investing in a 401k will have you setup for success. Climbing the corporate ladder can be done through hard work but you should always keep an eye on job openings. You might be able to go from management to the director level far more quickly by switching companies than being promoted multiple times internally.

The willingness to move for a gig used to have far more importance. There are so many remote jobs available that can allow a person to earn from home. The ability to save more money monthly due to living in areas with lower costs of living is a huge benefit. Living in an industry hub is no longer required for some roles which allow employees to move around the world. 


Freelancing is incredibly liberating as you truly are your own boss. Digital nomads that freelance can save quite a bit of money by living in countries like Thailand. The quality of life can go up dramatically while saving an additional few thousand dollars monthly. 

Freelance work can take many forms and can even be a way to supplement your income. Spending extra time earning can help a person climb out of debt or save for their next big purchase. 

Nonprofit Organizations

Taking the nonprofit route in terms of your career can be something you never regret. Finding a job that pays well enough in an organization that you truly love working for can be immensely satisfying both personally and professionally. The right skills can help you land a job that might have a number of applicants due to the cause and the benefits associated with the position. Learning how to use an Excel based financial reporting tool that is made specifically for nonprofits is a great example. The financial aspect of a nonprofit needs to align with federal guidelines to retain nonprofit status. Those with previous experience in accounting might be able to make the transition seamlessly through the nonprofit industry. 

The career path that you choose can change for various reasons. You might have had massive financial success and decide to start a nonprofit. There is no one right way to a path of professional success as this is defined differently for everyone.