Christian Actor Kirk Cameron Unveils New Homeschooling Documentary Amid ‘Woke’ Madness

Parents made difficult decisions about how their kids would be educated during the last two years. This group included my family.

Instead of enrolling our children in public schools, we decided to homeschool them through an online Christian academy. We made the same decision as many families who have recently chosen to hybrid homeschool their children through an online Christian academy.

In a blast from my childhood past, Kirk Cameron produced a documentary on this subject that will be interesting not just to homeschoolers, but to public school parents who are tired of what they’re seeing from their schools.

The Homeschool Awakening

Christian Kirk Cameron, a conservative actor as a child, announced the release of his documentary The Homeschool Awakening. It will be available in cinemas this week on June 13th-14th.

In an Instagram video, he shares a trailer for the documentary. His reasoning for creating this video is then followed up by him.



“It’s up to us as parents to cultivate the hearts and minds and souls of our children toward what is good, what is right, beautiful, and true.”

My mother used to tell me growing up that life was no longer about your desires and needs. It had to be all about your child’s well-being. I’m not so sure that is passed on anymore.

However, I think that people are realizing that not all of the institutions that provide public education have been created with pure intent.

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Dumber and dumb

COVID-19 put a spotlight upon how corrupted and misguided our education system is. Online learning was widely adopted and mass closures of schools meant that parents were able to see the truth about what their children (or not) were being taught.

The policies were even more bizarre.

In Los Angeles, Cecily Myarts-Cruz, president of United Teachers Los Angeles union, capped Zoom school hours at four per day in the wake of the pandemic. Teachers still got paid for their full days of work.

There were calls for the end of standardized testing to students. They are still being heard all across America. This argument, however, is in support of equity, which unlike equality calls for equal outcomes and equal chances.

Oregon’s Senate Bill 744 has been signed. It temporarily suspends the requirements of standardized testing for graduation. Oregon Department of Education argues that this will permit the state to establish more equitable graduation standards.

Just because I knew it was possible to have equitable graduation requirements, the push for them is not a lowering of standards. This has unfortunately become a common reaction to education.

Over 71% of our students lack basic academic skills at the conclusion of their high school education. The United States is outperformed by 25 other countries including China Hong Kong and Finland as well as Singapore, South Korea.

And instead of upping our game, we’re throwing away the scorecard and giving kids participation trophies.

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It’s time to end the Education War

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that China dominates in every education area globally. For context, America ranks 23rd globally in math and reading, while the United States ranks 33rd overall in science. We are undoubtedly #1 in wake lunacy.

Kirk Cameron wisely stated:

“We need to take back the education of our children because whoever controls the textbooks controls the future.”

You can turn on any news channel or browse any social media site. There will be hundreds of Americans who believe that they are unable to love themselves or others.

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An oversexualization of women can lead to mental problems and make them feel guilty or incapable of achieving their goals due to skin color.

Public education is not designed to teach students how or what to think.

The requirement to complete graduation was civics. It taught us to engage in constructive and critical thinking and to communicate with others respectfully. Defined by Merriam-Webster as “a social science dealing with the rights and duties of citizens,” this subject is no longer required in 42 states.

Why would anyone want to remove something as simple and basic as Civics from graduation requirements? Future generations will be easier to manipulate, is the simple, but cynical answer.

Suppose the people can’t critically think and question what they are told. In that case, it is much easier to re-write history, destroy women’s rights in sports, and push for mass censorship of opposing opinions.

The Homeschool Family is Increasing in Demand

“The public school system has become public enemy number one.”

I couldn’t agree more with you, Kirk.

It’s clear by the numbers that I’m not the only parent who sees it this way. Over the past year, there has been a double-digit increase in homeschool households.

In order to avoid the obvious lack of quality instruction or worse, attempts at indoctrinating our children, homeschooling is a popular choice for parents.

Some schools began to enforce discipline policies based on racial criteria. All of this began with Disparate Impact, which was introduced by the Obama administration.

This concept states that, even though a system is non-discriminatory and neutral, minorities can find it racially discriminatory when they are disciplined more frequently for their behaviour.

Instead of trying to address the reasons why minority students act out more or are suspended from school, they have chosen not to discipline or suspend them after reaching a certain number.

Add to this the shocking issue of sharing bathrooms which has led to sexual assaults within public schools, such as Loudoun County Virginia. It’s no wonder parents no longer feel that the public schools in their districts can be trusted with the safety of their children.

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See the Room

These initiatives of lowering standards, creating more ‘equitable’ opportunities, and adjusting discipline due to disparate impacts are not helping the very demographics they are targeted towards. Minorities aren’t buying it either if you look at the numbers.

One in 10 White families has stopped attending the public schools, while 1 in 8 Latino and 1 in 6 Black families also have stopped taking part in certain functions.

It is difficult to decide whether you want your child homeschool.

It’s often believed that homeschool families are cultish and bizarre, raising children who lack social skills and spend their days making fruit leather in their kitchens. While this stigma remains, it’s becoming less common.

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Celebrities like Kirk Cameron are shining light on homeschooling’s realities thanks to their celebrity endorsements.