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Roadmap to Better Decision Making

Roadmap to Better Decision Making

Decision making is an important aspect of any particular profession. It’s important to know one’s strengths and weaknesses to help one make career decisions. It’s vital for anyone to keep on top of their emotional intelligence and decision-making skills so that they can be confident in their decisions. Dr. Jordan Sudberg argues that decision making is a crucial part of a career, but it isn’t as easy as it seems; it takes time, experience, and a great deal of introspection. There are many aspects that need to be taken into account.

So, how does a person improve his decision making? Dr. Sudberg has suggested a plan that can help one take the best action to make sure they are making the right decisions.

1. Make Decisions based on facts

The first step to better decision making within a career is to ensure that the decisions are based on facts. The key here is to know what you want and what you don’t want out of your career. This will help you make decisions that are sure to align with your goals and ideals. It will also be helpful to talk with people who are successful in the field that interest you so that they can give their input on possible paths for your career path.

2. Understand what makes you happy

Another critical aspect to even better decision making within a career is understanding what makes you happy. The best way to do this is through introspection, which can be done by taking time each day and recalling moments that make you happy and why they are so important to you. This will help give insight into how one approaches the decisions one makes in their career. If one understands how their decisions make them happy, there will be fewer chances of making poor choices.

3. Communicate with oneself

The third step to making better decisions within a career is to communicate with oneself. This can be done through journaling, talking to friends and family, reading about similar topics, or doing anything that one thinks will give them insight into how they could make better decisions. One can also write down the pros and cons of the decision they are currently making to get their opinion on the matter. This will ensure that they aren’t making a decision blindly and are prepared for whatever outcome.

4. Define one’s values

Dr. Jordan Sudberg believes that another important aspect of making better decisions within a career is to define one’s values. A person can do this by thinking about their current values and what it would mean to change those values to make a better decision on their career path. A person can also try to list out the values they want in their personal lives and how they want to incorporate those into their career, and the possible outcomes that may result from this decision-making process.

5. Become a better listener

The fifth aspect of making better decisions within a career is becoming a better listener. This includes ensuring that one actively tries to listen more during conversations, being open to new ideas, and being less critical of other people’s opinions. One can also improve ones listening skills by asking thoughtful questions and letting others speak as much as they want to in order to understand their point of view instead of interrupting them.

6. Improve one’s emotional intelligence

The sixth step to making even better decisions within a career is by improving your emotional intelligence. You can do this by keeping a journal of how you feel and how you react to things or by analyzing your feelings toward different situations to improve how you react to those situations. It’s also important for one to recognize their emotions and break them down into their individual parts. This will allow them to better understand themselves and others, ensuring that they are making well-rounded decisions.


It’s important to recognize where one currently stands in order to help improve at any given point in their life. It’s vital for someone to keep their emotions in check so that they are able to make an informed decision on the matter. Many elements go into making the best decisions, but it all starts with learning your values and how you interact with other people’s values.

This is why knowing oneself is so important. It will enable one to make even better decisions, whether career-wise or in any other aspect of their life. With a critical matter, such as the direction of one’s life, it’s crucial for people to recognize what makes them happy and how that plays a role in the decisions they make as well.