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Communication Barriers in Business

Communication Barriers in Business

A company can only move one step ahead if it identifies the communication barrier affecting it. When people understand each other better in an organization, work becomes more manageable. Therefore, If you are a business owner struggling with relying on a message to employees and clients, this article provides you with top communication barriers that can be avoided for business productivity.

Language differences

There are many tribes in the world that speak different languages. As a business owner, it is good to use common language that employees and clients can understand. One of the best ways to overcome language differences is by training them to avoid using idioms and jargon when communicating with clients. In terms of written messages, you can use translator assistants, that will make it easy for you to understand the other party.

Cultural differences

According to Jordan Sudberg, cultural differences can cause disputes and communication problems in a business. Employers are advised to train their employees about teamwork and accepting one another. Such will help prevent others from considering themselves better than the rest. When everyone is open-minded about the values each person brings to the company, professionalism will be maintained. Good communication skills help a company to grow and provide good services to its clients.

Using ineffective communication channel

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Many businesses in modern days use electronic devices to communicate with clients and employees. The communication channel being used in the business determines how fast a message will be sent and understood. Avoid using channels that make messages look complicated and hard to read. Instead, keep your information short and precise for people to understand and enjoy reading. When sending long emails and videos to clients, such can create a communication barrier since no one wants to read a message like a novel.


In order for good communication to take place, there must be quiet and zero destruction. Things that can hinder communication in a business are loud music, people, talking, and noisy machines. For example, when planning to have a meeting, make sure as the employer to inform people to keep away their electronics, including phones. Such will help with concentration which leads to good communication. Avoiding destruction is an excellent way to improve teamwork since every person will be engaging in the topic. Read also: What companies are in the consumer services field

Not understanding audience needs

According to Jordan Sudberg, engaging clients is one of the ways to understand their needs. When one assumes they already know what the audience needs, it creates a communication barrier since mistakes are about to be made. In order to prevent the audience from missing points, always make sure you are clear about the points. It is also good to ask them if they have any matter they want to discuss to be clear they get it, and you are doing the right thing.

Remember, good communication in a business promotes productivity and growth. Always make sure to implement that by providing suitable training to employees and other staff.