A New Song About the Defense of Mariupol’

Mariupol’, which was almost totally destroyed by Russians but where the war seems to still be raging is located on the Azov. Mariupol means “City of Mary.” Wikipedia states that some people named the city after a Greek colony in Crimea. However, others believe it was named in honor of Maria Feodorovna.

The Ukrainian band Okean Elzy just released a new song about the defense city. It has received over 500k YouTube views.

Here is my very rough translation of the lyrics (I used Google Translate to translate the Ukrainian into Russian—in my experience, that particular sort of translation is generally quite reliable—and then hand-translated the Russian to English; please let me know if I have erred):

Over the Azov sea, the Sun rose
The winds blow over the dunes
Although it’s still cold outside, the Sand smells like Spring.
Already, my eyes are used to the fatigue.
Too many factors can lead to confusion.
It will be again good for me and you, I imagine.

[Refrain]It is not, however the naval guns
My dreams will not be destroyed
My faith is my only hope.
For many centuries, it will remain.
Mary is the city that does right
Overlooking the Azov Sea
The sun keeps rising

The Azov is ablaze with the sky
Our enemy is bombarding us with cannons
Even concrete smells like war in the evening.
There’s no right or wrong time.
Imagine tomorrow!
Long ago, the battle has been fought by both heart and hands.

[Refrain] And the naval guns …

We were ourselves
Our bodies were wrapped in blankets at night
The pain was gone and our mouths became numb.
Even the most deep basements, they can still be reached
It will come back again!
Freedom is what the shouts of new days are all about

[Refrain] And the naval guns …