More Bad News For Democrats: Asian-Americans Switching To GOP

Another voting bloc, which has proven to be quite reliable in the past, may become less loyal as more Hispanic Americans disillusioned themselves with the Democrat Party. As issues such as school admissions have become more discriminatory, Asian Americans are starting to look again at the Republican Party.

The 2020 U.S. Census shows that the Asian population increased by 35.5% in the period 2010-2020. They are unhappy with Joe Biden, as they represent the fastest-growing non-white population. According to a January poll, 55% of Asian-Americans approve of him.

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Find their voice and speak out

The Daily Caller interviewed former U.N. Ambassador, Michael A. The Trump administration’s Ambassador and the former Governor of South Carolina. Nikki Haley herself, a daughter of Indian immigrants, said.

“Asian American families want the same things as any other family in this country – the opportunity to work hard, live in a safe community, a provide the best life for their children. That’s why people from every walk of life are supporting GOP candidates. They agree our message is the right one and that we have the solutions to lift up all Americans.”

Because of their small numbers, Asian-Americans are not considered a distinct demographic. A Daily Caller report says that Republican Asian-Americans are seeing a change in their communities and favor the Republican Party.

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The Big Issues

One of the biggest issues that Asian-Americans are at odds with is the rise of discrimination against Asian students in the name of “equity.” In February in San Francisco, three school board members were ousted after attempting to discontinue the merit-based admissions process of Lowell High School, a prestigious college-prep school where the student population is predominantly Asian.

An Asian-American grassroots voter outreach group reported that more than 500 Asian-Americans registered to vote in the school board elections. Asian-Americans were also subject to more hate crimes during the COVID pandemic.

A Pew Research survey conducted April 20, 2021 found that 32% believed they were at risk of being attacked or threatened by someone from Asia. Eighty percent of those polled felt that the violence against Asian-Americans was growing.

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Democrats Tired of Taking Advantage Of Minorities

Hispanics are now being seen as reliable Democrat vote voters for a long time. Hispanic support is increasing rapidly for the Republican Party in Texas and particularly in the southernmost counties.

Texas’ March primary election was a good one for Hispanic Republicans. If the races that resulted in run-off elections go the GOP’s way, as many as eight Hispanic candidates, six of them women would be the Republican congressional nominee for their district.

And Joe Biden’s presidency is not helping Democrats with Hispanic voters. Quinnipiac’s January poll found that Biden had a 28% approval rate among Hispanics.

New Hampshire Republican Congressional Candidate, Lily Tang Williams (Chinese immigrant), agreed with The Daily Caller that school discrimination is a top issue for Asian American voters.

“Lot’s of Asian-Americans are waking up because when you look at it, the Chinese-American values are they want lower taxes, they want the best quality of education for their kids and their kids are being discriminated” by school acceptance policies. Asian-Americans “also do not like the lawless chaos,” the increase in crime, Democrat COVID-19 lockdown policies, and the wide-open Southern border.”

Lily Tang Williams summed up what Democrats are telling Asian-Americans regarding the school acceptance issue, “Wokeism [tells Asians] ‘hey, your color is not black enough.’” The Asian-American population is yet another group that the Democrat Party may take for granted at their own peril.