Important Information You Need to File a Car Accident Claim with an Attorney

If you or someone you love has been in a car accident, you might be wondering if you can handle everything on your own or if you need the help of a lawyer that handles car accident claims. Is working with a lawyer worth it and will it help you get the best possible outcome in your case?

You could try to navigate the entire process on your own, but an experienced car accident injury attorney bay area can help you gather and organize documents and evidence, connect with investigators and experts to strengthen your damage claim, and help negotiate with insurance companies so you get the highest payout.

When Should You Get Help From an Attorney?

If you’ve been involved in a minor accident or fender bender and no one was badly injured, you might be able to handle it on your own with the help of your insurance company. However, if you’re concerned about unfair compensation for injuries, property damage, lost wages, or even wrongful death, you will want to hire a lawyer.

Serious Injuries 

Any injury can result in a life change or lost wages from time off work. Serious injuries can affect you for long periods of time due to hospitalization, lost income, and extensive medical bills. You could even suffer from a permanent disability that affects you for the rest of your life.

You could potentially have costly medical bills, have to undergo physical therapy, or even be completely unable to work for a long period of time or the rest of your life. In such situations, you will definitely want the help of an attorney that can make sure you are taken care of now and into the future.

The Insurance Companies Settlement is Too Low

Insurance companies typically offer the lowest possible settlements. It can be tempting to just accept the settlement and get on with your life, but it’s also important that you get the proper compensation to cover your losses. A good lawyer can negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf.

Is There a Question Over Who Caused the Accident or is the Insurance Company Refusing to Pay for Damages?

Sometimes an insurance company refuses to pay for damages, especially if the driver won’t admit fault. It’s important to have documentation of exactly what happened, including a police report in order to prove your case. An auto accident attorney can help you show evidence that the other driver was at fault.

Is Your Case Complicated and Going to Court?

If your case needs to go to court, there will be rules and laws you might not be aware of that could help or hurt your case. A lawyer that is experienced in these types of auto accident cases can navigate the court case and make sure you’re represented fairly.

Other Circumstances to Consider Getting an Attorney

There are times that it’s simply in your best interest to get an attorney. You’ll save yourself a lot of stress and time in cases that are more complicated, such as accidents where the other driver doesn’t have insurance, you are at fault, a death occured as a result of an accident, or your insurance company isn’t trying to help.

In any case, if you’re feeling unsure about your case it’s in your best interest to get a consultation from an attorney that is familiar with automobile accident cases. Although it might seem easier, cases can quickly become complicated, so it’s best to get the help you deserve for your case.