"Snowflakes All Around"?

The panel decision of the Eleventh Circuit allowing for a First Amendment claim, based upon Univ. Central Florida’s “bias related incidents policy” will be applied.

The facts (1) UCF established the JKRT are ironic, as we see. [Just Knights Response Team] to address situations in which students felt intimidated or marginalized and (2) that now, Speech First’s members claim to have been intimidated and marginalized by the JKRT—”kind of like … snowflakes all around.” Oral Arg. at 10:10–10:51. Speech First’s attorney at oral argument was our reason. Everybody You shouldn’t “just put on your big boy or big girl pants and face any adversity.”

Our conclusion is that he answered the question with a clear distinction. “The state, a big boy” The University—i.e., the state—can far more easily intimidate, and thereby objectively chill, college students than can those students’ peers. Objective chill is the norm.

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