DeSantis Is bullying Poor Mickey Again…

Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida, shows no sign of slowing down in his pursuit to remove the Disney special tax status which he has held since 1967. Florida and Walt Disney Corporation permit Disney to manage its properties as a quasigovernmental agency. This includes building roads and collecting taxes. The property spans two counties and covers 40 miles. A dissolution of the tax special status could result in the company being liable for local taxes totalling millions of dollars each year, as well as less ownership over its properties. 

In one of the Governor’s less aggressive statements regarding the move, he stated, “It is necessary to review such independent special districts to ensure that they are appropriately serving the public interest.”

Republican state Sen. Jennifer Bradley added that Disney makes “…their own rules.” Other supporters of dissolving the special tax status argue that it’s past time to review these old agreements regardless of the corporation or other political issues in the political landscape.

Liberal Meltdown

The usual dramatic response from Democrats to this criticism has been that they have come out against it. State Sen. Janet Cruz said, “If this isn’t the grandest form of bullying that I’ve ever seen, I don’t know what is.”

Senator Cruz didn’t read the A letter from conservative Disney employees about Disney’s treatment of them:

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For those who aren’t explicitly progressive in their political or religious beliefs, the Walt Disney Company is becoming a more difficult place to work. As our beliefs are attacked by our employer, we watch in silence and see our leaders label those of like mind as traitors.

TWDC leaders frequently express their determination to create an inclusive workplace that allows cast members to freely voice their opinions and show their true selves. We do not believe this is the workplace environment.

As our coworkers believed that there was no way for them to disagree, they became more aggressive with their demands. TWDC should take a strong position on both this and other issues. Additionally, they openly advocate the punishment for employees who don’t agree.

Senator Cruz then went on to artistically describe. “I have this vision of a mousetrap that we’ve created, and I see us leaning on the neck of the mouse for 12 months, just to step on Mickey’s neck.”

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The argument and, no doubt, truth are the impetus of this review from Disney’s critical stance against the Parental Rights in Educational Bill. Dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill by detractors of the bill, the seven pages don’t mention the word gay, let alone anything regarding not saying the word gay.

It prohibits children in Grades K-3 from being taught sexual orientation or gender ideologies. Additionally, the bill empowers parents to sue school districts over teachings they don’t like and requires schools to tell parents when their child receives mental health services. 

In a tweet, Governor DeSantis’ Press Secretary renamed it the “Anti-Grooming Bill.”

According to the Justice Department, grooming is a practice that involves:

Fosters a false sense of trust and authority over a child in order to desensitize or break down a child’s resistance to sexual abuse.

Respecting their rules

You could argue that Disney should review its tax status to ensure that young people are safe.

In 2014 CNN reportedAfter a six month investigation, 35 people were arrested for sexual crimes against children. In 2019 a Disney cruise “youth host” was arrested for molesting a 10-year-old boy, and another was arrested for raping a girl over 100 times since she was 11. 

It is shocking, however, that a cruise ship worker was captured on video molesting an 11-year-old boy in 2014. Disney officials deliberately delayed reporting the incident to the authorities until after the ship left port. His escape allowed him to avoid being arrested. Disney seems to be unconcerned with the safety of children unless it’s on their actual attractions.

A Companion for the Inconvenient

Disney loves to say they are allies to LGBTQIA+/BLM communities, but it only works for them when this is the case.

Disney announced recently that it was expanding its streaming service across the globe to include 10 anti-gay countries: Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Palestinian Authority, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, and Yemen – all of which outlaw homosexuality. Is there any outrage among the LGBTQIA+ Disney Community? I’ll wait for the #dontsaygaycountry hashtag to trend.

The punishment in Saudi Arabia for homosexuals and transgender individuals ranges from fines to chemical castrations to death – not sure which one of those last two is worse.

Disney Cruise Lines has South Caribbean Cruises starting at $3,870/person to Antigua Dominica and St. Maarten. For same-sex activities, in Antigua you could face up to 15 years imprisonment. You might want to reconsider your honeymoon with Mickey and Minnie if you are a same-sex couple.

We seem to be unaware of the fact that waking consciousness does not extend beyond our borders. Only the United States can fight for equality and human right in America.

Disney currently has two shops in China, and one resort in Shanghai. Although there aren’t many people in China, I am not sure that much is happening. Due to the COVID increase in the area, people were forcibly taken from or locked up in their homes..

Mulan is a live-action film that Disney Corporation thanks the Chinese government for. One area was Xinjiang where Uyghurs were held in Chinese detention centres.

Don’t limit sexualized content in elementary schools but by all means, round up groups of people based on ethnicity into convenient camps to abuse them and eradicate them from the planet. 

Joseph Geller, Representative, “It’s inexplicable that the Governor would go after the largest employer in the state…” going on to say, “They call Disney the third rail of politics in Florida for a reason.”

I do not doubt that the Governor’s attention to Disney’s tax status results from their inaccurate representation of the Parental Rights in Education bill.

However, I also think the Governor understands what a lot of these ‘woke’ corporations don’t, that the American people are tired of the hypocrisy.

Corporations are quick to respond when the most vocal voices call for waking up. Still, when it becomes financially inconvenient, they opt to dial down their allyship in favor of the only color they care about on the Progress Pride Flag…green.