Watch: Bill O’Reilly Unleashes His Legendary Temper On Airline Employee In Wild Video

Former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly is a man known for his temper and no-malarkey attitude.

Fans of his who watched “The No Spin Zone” over the many years have seen him thrown down when a guest tries to give him the business, and of course, there’s the infamous “We’ll do it live!” episode.

Earlier this week, The Daily Mail published a video given to them where O’Reilly is seen standing at a departure gate giving his own business to a JetBlue employee about why his flight was late.

O’Reilly was reportedly trying to board a flight to the Caribbean, and the tardiness set him off.

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Things begin to escalate

While it is a bit hard to hear O’Reilly’s voice through parts of the video, it’s clear that he is furious that the flight is late, and wants the employee to find out why.

You can hear O’Reilly saying, ‘What you’re gonna do…it’s three hours late,’ and ‘No, no, no, You’re gonna find out.’

O’Reilly, who is quite tall, gets in the employee’s face and starts giving him the pointy finger, and then takes it up a notch and says, “you f**king scumbag, don’t talk to me like that.”

The employee then accuses O’Reilly of threatening violence, to which O’Reilly says, “you’re the one – I dare you? I dare you? Is that what you said to me?” The situation all but ends here with O’Reilly telling the JetBlue employee that he will lose his job.

Check out the video 

O’Reilly later told Mediaite said that he handled the whole incident “poorly” and should have chosen better language.

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O’Reilly’s Record

Most people would agree with JetBlue that it owes paying customers an explanation for why their flight was delayed so much. But O’Reilly’s outbursts – often funnier and less serious than this tangle with an airline employee, are numerous.

Perhaps his most infamous incident was footage captured of his time on “Inside Edition,” where after several attempts at recording a bumper, O’Reilly gets so frustrated he shouts, “We’ll do it live!” along with a host of expletives.


O’Reilly had some other infamous confrontations with fellow Fox News host Geraldo Rivera and Alan Colmes, for example: 

No matter how much you love or loathe him, everyone knows just how awful it is to wait over 3 hours for a flight.