Biden Tells Obama He’s Running In 2024 – But The Polls Are Against Him

You may get your chance to see four more years from Joe Biden.

Sources claim that Biden met recently with Barack Obama and informed him of his plans to run again for the presidency in 2024.

Biden has said publicly in the past that he does plan to seek a second term in the White House, but by telling Obama, he’s clearly clearing the deck ahead of what would otherwise be a crowded primary.

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Biden, The Democrats Only Hope

Joe Biden’s tanking approval numbers and low approval on the key issues could make him a huge liability, but 2024 is a longtime from now in terms of politics. 

Just last month in Brussels, Biden told the press he’d be “very fortunate” to face Trump again in 2024 – and he could just get what he wishes for.

Though it’s a long way off, a recent Harvard poll shows Trump trouncing Biden in a 2024 rematch.

And it’s not particularly close, showing Trump taking 47% to Biden’s 41%. 

The Hill also reports that a source familiar with the meeting between Obama and Biden stated, “I believe he thinks he’s the only one who can beat Trump. I don’t think he thinks there’s anyone in the Democratic party who can beat Trump and that’s the biggest factor.”

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John Anzalone (Biden 2020 pollster) said in an interview with Politico:

“You go head-to-head and Joe Biden’s always ahead of him. Not by a lot — one or two points. People don’t want the chaos. Even at his lowest approval rating, he still beats Donald Trump.” 

Democrat options

Should Joe Biden for whatever reason not run in 2024, what is the Democrats’ “Plan B?”

Although there have been many candidates, is Biden the only one who could see that impending vacuum?

In December 2016, Hillary Clinton began to appear at conferences online and in person and seemed to be ready to endorse her candidacy.

More recently in March on an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Mika Brzezinski questioned whether Clinton would be up for running again. She laughed it off, saying, “No. It’s a no. No, but I am certainly going to be active in supporting women running for office and other candidates who I think should be reelected or elected, both women and men.” 

And while no one is mentioning it, there’s no doubt that Michelle Obama would be a formidable candidate in a Democrat primary.