Liberals Have Epic Meltdown After Trump-Appointed Judge Lifts Airplane Mask Mandate

Kathryn Kimball Mizelle of the U.S District Court ruled that Monday’s ruling by Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle affirmed the federal mandate and declared the CDC to have exceeded its authority.

“The Mask Mandate is best understood not as sanitation, but as an exercise of the CDC’s power to conditionally release individuals to travel despite concerns that they may spread a communicable disease (and to detain or partially quarantine those who refuse),” Mizelle wrote.

“But the power to conditionally release and detain is ordinarily limited to individuals entering the United States from a foreign country,” she added in the 59-page opinion and order.

Rather than debate the merits of her decision, verified liberals on Twitter sought to denigrate the fact that Mizelle is a 35-year-old female Trump appointee.

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Liberals Criticize Trump-Appointed Judge for Ending the Mask Mandate

Slate senior writer Mark Joseph Stern kicked off the ignorance, ranting about unelected judges and suggesting Mizelle’s age played a role in his perception of her ignorance.

“Try explaining to your friends in other liberal democracies that a single unelected, life-tenured, 35-year-old judge just abolished the air travel mask mandate for the entire country,” he tweeted.

“No peer nation would tolerate such a power-drunk juristocracy,” Stern added. “Our system is badly broken.”

Oddly enough, leftists who use words like ‘juristocracy’ didn’t take issue with an unelected judge reinstating a mask mandate in New York this past January.

They weren’t distraught when a Texas judge in 2019 ruled a school mask mandate could stay in effect despite a Supreme Court ruling prohibiting such mandates.

Now, it’s all about personal demographics involving the young, female, Trump-appointed judge and I have to say, some of these tweets sound super-misogynistic.

“The judge who made this ruling, Kathryn Kimball, is 35 yrs old. Was confirmed at the age of 33 during the lame duck,” said Politico’s Sam Stein. “Judiciary matters.”

“Mizelle’s alleged qualification for the bench? It was her clerkships as a conservative judge. This was enough for Senate Republicans. Now she’s issuing nationwide injunctions that affect millions of Americans’ health and safety,” Stern continued, practically foaming at the mouth.

“No sane democracy would permit this system of governance.”

Blessed be his tiny bleeding heart.

Multiple reporters noted Mizelle had been rated “not qualified” by the American Bar Association due to an alleged lack of experience.

You can only imagine the consequences if you suggested to blue-check Republicans that Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson wasn’t too old or too inexperienced?

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They’ve Lost Their Minds

The liberal left’s rabid response didn’t focus solely on Judge Mizelle, it also branched out to unhinged lunacy knowing unmasked people could be sharing an airplane or subway with them.

Food Network Chef Andrew Gruel noted that he would continue to slather himself in hand sanitizer and vaseline – a visual No oneSubmitted.

Others were more focused on airlines making the decision, similar to the federal judge regarding masking on planes.

“When I bought my tickets for me, my wife (who is pregnant), and our unvaccinated 4-year-old, I assumed you would continue to have a mask mandate,” Dr. Jeremy Faust tweeted. “Now you cancel it and we will have to board our return flight under your new no mask required policy?! Thanks so much.”

Faust should know that his spouse and child have the option to choose to wear a mask to prevent them getting sick.

Faust went on to suggest that United’s move was “pretty much you just saying it’s cool if a few kids die so that you don’t have to enforce this for another month or two.”

He didn’t let up in a subsequent tweet, saying pro-lifers “are totally cool with this meaning that a small number of babies will die of Covid, when we’re weeks away from a vaccinate for all ages over 6 months.”

Faust continues his whining

Faust continued on make a claim that those pleased with lifting the mask mandate are “celebrating the deaths of a small number of kids,” a definitively false statement that hasn’t gotten him banned from Twitter as of yet.

If you’re genuinely petrified that your child won’t recover from COVID like the other 99.99% of kids, then don’t let them out of their bubble-wrapped room.

Eric Feigl -Ding, an epidemiologist said that he would boycott Alaska Airlines until the mandate for masks is reinstated.

People demand refunds

Some others suggested that they might cancel their flights, and demand refunds.

And then there was this gem who launched expletives at Southwest Airlines and blasted “disgusting pro-covid and pro-Trump assholes.”

Celebrate Mandate Lift

Don’t fear, you just need to stay away from the triple-vaxxed and boosted people who keep testing positive of late despite continuing to wear their little masks.

And while these unhinged libs are drying up all their tears with a mop, the rest of America is celebrating Judge Mizelle’s decision.