A Reimagined Military: Pentagon Introduces New ‘Equity’ Plan

Last week, the Pentagon launched its brand new ‘Equity’ plan designed to “equalize” outcomes for employees and military members across racial, sexual, and gender lines. The Department of Defense Equity Action Plan’s stated goal is to “identify potential barriers that underserved communities and individuals face regarding federal programs.” 

DoD Equity Action Plan April 2022

There are many areas in the DoD Plan, such as:

  • Reorganizing the defense supply chains to create opportunities for those in need
  • Programs to support communities near military bases such as American Indian Initiatives and environmental initiatives are part of the Bolstering program.
  • Promoting equity for military families that are part of underserved areas
  • To increase culturally sensitive teaching strategies in order to meet all Department of Defense Education Activity students

In its effort to update their supply chain, the DoD intends to make defense contracts more easily available to minority-owned small business owners.

The initiative will focus also on repairing environmental damage caused by military testing between WWII and Cold War. This was done in order to help communities living near military bases.

The DoD believes that providing for better employment opportunities for military spouses, particularly those from ‘underserved’ communities, will advance equity for military families.

Perhaps the highlight of the report is the incorporation of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion learning, consultation for military leaders, and DEI working group meetings in DoDEA’s eight school districts.

Military Equity Plan Promotes Transgender-Friendliness

The Department of Defense spent the necessary time in the preparation of the report. All of its successesIn equity: This includes the acceptance of transgender persons into the military. 

Individuals who have met the requirements may gain entry and continue to serve in the military under their own gender. These individuals may receive gender-affirming medical care and recognition of their identity.

It is still a matter of debate whether surgery to affirm gender are cosmetically acceptable in medicine.

TriCare is military personnel’s insurance. It does not cover any cosmetic surgery, such as breast augmentations or tummy tucks. It appears, however that gender reassignment surgeries would be covered by the military.

DoD policies prohibit discrimination based on gender identity and/or identification as transgender. This policy allows individuals to access the military with their self-identified gender.The rovides are a way for transitioning service members to receive gender-affirming medical careService personnel are recognized as their gender and protected from any unwanted publicity.

December 6th Fallout

In February of 2021, the Secretary of Defense directed all Commanding Officers and supervisors to conduct a one-day “stand down” to discuss the principle that all who serve deserve an environment free from discrimination.

The focus was on how “extremist” or “dissident ideologies” violate fundamental tenets of DoD. According to some reports, the Capitol protest was attended by active-duty and former military personnel on January 6.

The DoD has found less than 100 cases of extremist activity since then.

Milley also admitted that the military spent more than five million hours training soldiers on white privilege and climate change. FIVE MILLION.

In a statement by Republican Senators, which included Senator JamesInhofe

“We face real threats across the world, yet the Biden administration is more focused on promoting its leftist social agenda in the military instead of countering China, Russia and Iran or creating an effective counterterrorism plan.”

See my Previous article: Military brass incompetence, our senior military leaders have spent more time studying “white rage” than learning the art of war. 

You’re Fired

The last year Space Force Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Lohmeier, was dismissedSquadron command and podcast comments on his book Irresistible Rebellion. Lohmeier claimed that DoD was instructing the force about the Constitution and its beliefs by the Founding Fathers in order to preserve white supremacy.

Senator Inhofe spoke again, declaring:

“Members of our military should not only be able to speak out against marxism, but they should be encouraged to do so – as long as they follow the rules and laws already in place.”

After hearing that DoD considered hiring a private company for monitoring military personnel’s free speech on social media by using keywords and algorithms, Representative Dan Crenshaw (Senator) and Senator Tom Cotton created a website to gather woke data from military personnel.

Senator Crenshaw:

“For too long, progressive Pentagon staffers have been calling the shots for our warfighters, and spineless military commanders have let it happen.”

We’ve all learned that using algorithms created by people to find keywords in social media posts can be ineffective at best and dangerous to free speech at worst.

Unfortunately, Elon Musk is not available to purchase the Defense of Department.

Not News

The reality is these efforts to create what has often been referred to as the ‘kinder gentler” force by military members are not new. With Congress and an Administration supporting this activity, however, the Pentagon may be transparent about their attempts to redesign the structure of the military.

This type of reimagining, which is so well-known by the far left in America’s education system is a hallmark of their far-left. Common core, no child left behind, charter schools, expanded family life curriculum discussing gender and sexuality – the list goes on.

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Recently, they have turned their attention toward law enforcement and the rule of law. Let’s defund the police and go easier on criminals in the name of “equity”.

Now, they’re intent on reshaping America’s military – once hailed the world’s greatest fighting force – into something that is presumably kinder and gentler and more “inclusive”.  

America’s leaders should be careful what they wish for.