NYC Mayor Eric Adams Takes Credit For Capturing Subway Terrorist, Who Reportedly Called the Cops on Himself

Eric Adams, New York City’s Mayor was the target of some criticism for taking part in the capture of Frank James the Brooklyn subway gunman. James is also being reported to have had to call police.

“My fellow New Yorkers,” Adams said at a press conference Wednesday. “We got him.”

New York City Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell tried to get in on the action, claiming the NYPD left James “nowhere to hide” and “shrank his world.”

Adams would also add, “I want to thank every day New Yorkers who called in tips, responded, helped wounded passengers.”

But James seemingly wasn’t hiding all that effectively, evading authorities despite wandering around the city for 30 hours after the attack, and only being apprehended reportedly after calling a police tip line on himself.

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Brooklyn Subway Shooter Convicted of Terrorism

According to media reports James dropped a smoking canister in a New York City subway car at rush hour Tuesday morning. Then he opened fire, creating panic and chaos.

According to authorities, he injured 29 victims, including 10 with gunshot wounds and five who were critically hurt.

James was arrested on Wednesday and charged with federal terrorist offenses.

James has been reported to be on the FBI’s terrorist watch list in New Mexico until 2019, but was cleared after “multiple interviews.”

However, the FBI denies these reports. 

His social media rantings on Twitter should have been alarming authorities. Perhaps had they not spent the past year trying to find Capitol ‘insurrectionists’ they could have focused their energy on an actual terrorist in the making.

For weeks prior to the shooting, James posted ominous videos on YouTube about race and shootings, and he announced he was leaving Wisconsin and “will never be back again alive.”

Two days before the shooting he posted a video with this chilling statement: “This is what white b*****s and white m*********ers’ expect you to be… when you blow one of their f*****g brains out – this is what you asked for. This is how you wanted me to be, obviously.”

Of course, James wasn’t banned from social media for violent terrorist threats. You only get banned from social media for questioning official COVID pronouncements, or questioning the media’s accounts of events in Ukraine.

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James reportedly called cops on himself

As for Adams’ comments about “New Yorkers who called in tips,” Frank James appears to have been one of them himself.

According to NBC New York, the Brooklyn terrorist who attacked subways called a Crime Stoppers tipline immediately before being taken into custody Wednesday.

In fact, police sources said they believe James called the tip line himself, saying he was at a McDonald’s on the Lower East Side.

“This is Frank. You guys are looking for me … my phone is about to die,” the sources say the caller said.

James wasn’t at the McDonald’s by the time cops responded to the call, but they drove around and eventually spotted him on a street corner. He didn’t resist.

Zack Tahhan, a man who was identified as the gunman’s spotting partner, has been also credited with his capture.

“I thought, ‘Oh my God, this is the guy, we need to get him,’” Tahhan told reporters. “He was walking down the street, I see the police car. I said, ‘Yo, this is the guy,’ and we catch him, thank God.”

Tweeters quickly told Adams that Tahhan was responsible more for James’ capture than he was.

It’s an utter embarrassment that the FBI failed to track down James until a random guy named Zack and the gunman himself provided them tips.

It’s even more of an embarrassment that Adams is taking credit.