Meanwhile, Who’s Advocating For Struggling American Citizens?

By Frank Miele for RealClearPolitics

The most unlikely places are where epiphanies occur. While watching MSNBC, I experienced one of these moments the other day. You’re amazing, I know!

You might be tempted to jump to conclusions, and assume that I am now more aware of how parents, like mine, are racists or dangerous terrorists.

It wasn’t even that Donald Trump is trying to “overthrow democracy” by working to make sure that only legal votes are counted. It’s not even that some people entered the Capitol illegally on Jan. 6, 2021, because they were convinced that Democrats were trying to overthrow democracy. We all know, however that Democrats will never attempt to overthrow democracy. They’re too busy trying overthrow Republicans.

These things wouldn’t count as epiphanies at this stage, though they are in our heads nearly every minute we watch CNN or MSNBC. An epiphany, in case you’ve forgotten your Sunday school lessons or high school literature class, is a sudden revelation or, as Merriam-Webster defines it, “an intuitive grasp of reality through something (such as an event) usually simple and striking.”

This moment on MSNBC was indeed simple, a mundane conversation between host Hallie Jackson and reporter Julia Ainsley about the Biden administration’s plan to lift Title 42 restrictions on immigration at the end of May, and which gave me a bracing insight into just what’s wrong with our country today.

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Title 42 was the Trump administration’s public health rule which allowed U.S. Border officials to deport illegal aliens as part of their efforts to control the spread COVID-19. The Biden administration has allowed Title 42 to remain in place, and more than 1.7 million border crossers have been sent back during the two administrations.

Biden continues to use Title 42. This is odd, but we can be thankful that almost all of his border policies have been designed to encourage illegal immigration. Indeed, the giant sucking sound on the southern border is no longer the sound of jobs going to Mexico, as Ross Perot imagined 30 years ago, but rather the whoosh of hundreds of thousands of foreign citizens being swept into our country by Biden’s welcoming hands.

That’s not hyperbole. A relatively conservative estimate by the Center for Immigration Studies found that “in January of 2022 the illegal immigrant population stood at 11.35 million — a 1.13 million increase over January 2021 when President Biden took office.”

What happens when Title 42 is repealed and nobody gets turned away at the frontier?

As Ainsley explained to Jackson in her March 31 report, “That means families coming across the border with young children, that means even single adults, can cross the southern border and claim asylum. It means a return to the status quo of our asylum system that existed pre-Covid.”

This is what she means by our broken asylum system, one which has allowed people coming here for purely economic reasons to claim asylum, despite the fact that most of them are not fleeing persecution or abuse as required for an asylum claim. That has resulted in a huge backlog of cases – and the necessity of allowing hundreds of thousands of undocumented aliens to be freed into the heartland of the country with simply a promise that they will contact immigration authorities later.

Asylum seekers must seek asylum in the country where they are most comfortable after leaving their hazardous environment. Yet fully two-thirds of the people crossing illegally from Mexico are not Mexicans. This means that they must seek asylum in Mexico or another country where they are first reached, and not just transit the country to get to the United States.

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However, asylum applications have been a successful way for people to access American courts and American welfare services. We have no reason to encourage people to cross the border, given our current national debt, which is more than $30 trillion. However, that plan to repeal Title 42 is exactly what we need.

“I’ve … had some sources say that maybe this is giving people too much lead time,” Ainsley continued in her MSNBC report. “It might encourage them to leave their homes in Central and South America to see if they can now come by May 23rd. But of course the advocacy community says this is long overdue, May 23rd is still too late, and that they want to see a real commitment to see that all these people get their day in court to have their cases heard.”

There, gentlemen, it is. It was it, did you see? If not, then Hallie Jackson’s response might trigger it:

“It’s I think hard to overstate how much interest there was in this among advocacy groups and among people who follow this issue. This is … I think it’s fair to say a highly anticipated announcement.”

Ironically, the discovery I made with the help of MSNBC was that the real danger to our country isn’t people trying to overthrow democracy, but rather people trying to take advantage of it. We all know that the founders were afraid that pure democracy would soon become the rule of the majority. They wanted to provide long-lasting protection for the minorities by establishing a republic with checks & balances.

It worked, too – at least until a small faction of powerful men and women realized that they could overcome the founders’ political checks and balances with their own nearly unlimited resources. The protection of minorities can be used jiujitsu style to throw the majority into the ground, and then to implement policies that will never be approved without the consent of those governed.

In a flash, government by the few had taken over protection for the minorities. You are the majority.

It happened, and how? Thanks to the “advocacy community.” It is the hidden-in-plain-sight answer to the question, “What ever happened to my country?”

As stated in the Constitution’s preamble the advocacy community does not work for the common welfare. Instead, it works to benefit narrow ideological causes which are then forced onto the whole nation.

This is evident in the Crusade to Open Our Borders. In a recent Morning Consult poll, Biden’s immigration policies had a 56% disapproval rating compared to only 35% who approved.

55-34% of voters opposed Title 42’s removal. That’s because voters aren’t stupid. Open borders could mean that American society is no longer what it was.

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Yet here we are with an immigration disaster – because the advocacy community is punching above its weight. Of course, you won’t find the advocacy community defined anywhere – it is an amorphous collection of left-wing lawyers, powerful NGOs and global corporations who have learned to exploit the generosity and naivete of Americans to accomplish goals that are counter to our fundamental beliefs.

And it’s not just immigration where the advocacy community tries to dictate to the majority of Americans that their beliefs, values, and principles are un-American – or to simply run roughshod over those beliefs with the best legal strategy that money can buy.  

This was evident in the case of Mark Zuckerberg’s successful purchase and sale of a presidential race by his wife Priscilla.

It has been clear that all the millions of dollars donated by Zuckerberg to county and state election departments before the November 2020 election had been intended to boost the Democratic vote in order to overthrow President Trump.

That money, along with the news manipulation by Facebook and other social media, was intended to thwart the possibility of Trump putting together an electoral majority and remaining in power – something that would have been a huge threat to the advocacy community.

Molly Ball documented the “well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information” in a February 2021 article in Time magazine. She called it “saving” the 2020 election. Others might consider it a coup.

The advocacy community seems to have worked tirelessly since the victory of Joe Biden in November 2008, in order to establish support for difficult causes within American society. Just how did transgenderism become a cause célèbre for companies like Disney that are supposed to be promoting family-friendly values?

What made the police the enemy of the people and how did they do it? What made a seemingly commonsense policy such as voter ID a controversial issue? It has nothing to do racism. What is the secret to America’s foolhardiness in trading high-performing vehicles and cheap energy for windmills and power charges every few hundred miles? And just how did we elect so many prosecutors who don’t think they should put criminals behind bars?

The answer is the same in every case – the advocacy community. Whether it is the ACLU, Black Lives Matter, Justice Democrats, Demand Justice, the Brennan Center for Justice, the Center for American Progress, the Tides Foundation, Emily’s List, the Open Society Foundations, or any of the hundreds of other progressive organizations, these groups wield enormous power and use it to fracture the body politic into myriad special interests.

The advocacy community works tirelessly for the rights of the few, instead of working towards the greater good. This seems like a noble goal – until you ask who will advocate for the rest of us. If we become a million minorities, then who is going to speak on behalf of society?

They have no interest in general welfare, contrary to our Constitutional Government. Instead, if left unchecked they promise to destroy the very “Blessings of Liberty” which our Constitution is meant to secure.

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