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Elements of the Brand Refresh

Elements of the Brand Refresh

Alexander Djerassi describes brand refresh as a modernization of the firm’s brand. These changes can include change of color and logo. In other words, a brand refresh can make a firm to know its identity, its target in a given period and the needs of clients. Thus, business can not only make an improvement but it can also know what competitors are doing. Thus, here are a few crucial elements of a brand refresh as per the understanding of Djerassi.

Discovery and Research

Research is one of the most crucial elements of a brand refresh. The firm’s senior leadership can answer what makes them unique from their competitors. It is also possible for employees from the same organization to give the same answer. But in contrast, the answers from clients might be different. Thus, it is advisable to conduct qualitative research from customers to gather information.

A successful brand refresh should be convincing and genuine. The information from the firm about the brand should be the same as the client’s experience. It is easy to do the statistics if the information from the business is the same with that of clients. For successful brand refresh, a firm should research the public outlook about business. The business should outline the measures to overlap the market perspective.

Positioning of Brands and key Messages

It is always a great time to re-analyze massaging during brand refresh. The key messages should point out the direct position of the firm in the industry and the entire market. The message should communicate direct information about the business. It is also important to provide customers with basic education on what they may benefit from.


Comprehensiveness is crucial while conducting brand refresh. The organization should outline its mission, vision and the target achievements. Self-evaluation is the first step in the brand refresh. The desire for brand refresh is to make the available brand be effective to the target group. The firm should also allow shareholders to enact the appearance of a new brand identity. This is because the views of many people can lead to better decision making. In other words, a brand refresh can only be successful if it reaches the right audience. It can be advisable to change the colors, services and logo but not the firm’s identity. A good brand policy will tend to be more attractive to both target group and public. Therefore, this can attract new clients.

Djerassi continued to explain that the company must have a good reason to refresh the brand. It is advisable to consider visual identities first while conducting brand refresh. This is because it can be of more advantage if the firm has chosen a more appealing brand. Furthermore, the conducting brand refreshment should go through all business structures. These areas can include, sales records, level of productivity, customer experience and hierarchy.
In conclusion, Alexander Djerassi has widened the knowledge about the successful brand refresh. He had portrayed that the brand refreshing is inclusive. Thus, employees and potential shareholders should take part in the decision-making process.