Carl Hart: Legalize All Drugs Now!

Carl Hart, Columbia’s neuroscientist and Columbian lawyer, has made bold and innovative contributions to our understanding of drugs, drug use, abuse, freedom, and international policy in an era where legalizing drug is a priority.

The Declaration of Independence guarantees life, liberty and happiness to all, provided that we do not disrupt the ability of others,” states the author of Drunken Use by Grown-Ups: Chasing Freedom in the Land of Fear. That means you can choose how your life will be lived. Many Americans take drugs as a part. 

He writes that his use of drugs—including heroin—helps him be a better person. He states that “I don’t have a problem with drug use.” “Never have. Every day I fulfill my professional, parental and personal responsibilities. I pay my taxes, serve as a volunteer in my community…and contribute to the global community as an informed and engaged citizen.”

Hart talks to Nick Gillespie about his life-changing research into addiction and why he became an outspoken supporter of drug wars. Hart also discusses how he communicates with his children and students about responsible drug usage.

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