VIDEO: Pennsylvania Man Tackled, Arrested After Placing Biden ‘I Did That’ Stickers On Gas Pump

A Pennsylvania man was tackled by police and arrested after placing stickers of President Biden declaring “I did that!” on gas pumps.

Thomas Richard Glazewski, 54, of Manor Township, allegedly placed the ‘I did that!‘ stickers as a means of protesting extraordinarily high gas prices.

The video showed the man screaming that he was responsible for the stickers being stuck to the pumps. He then became belligerent towards police officers.

“That was what I did. I did that. That’s what I did,” he can be heard yelling in a video captured of the incident late last month.

Glazewski was eventually subdued by officers, and continued fighting as officers placed him in a police car.

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Man Arrested After Putting Biden ‘I Did That’ Stickers on Gas Pumps

Glazewski was last week charged with resisting arrest and summary offenses for disorderly conduct, harassment, criminal mischief.

The ‘I did that!’ stickers have been cropping up on gas pumps across the nation, as consumers become consistently dismayed with President Biden’s handling of inflation and gas prices.

But, the Pennsylvanian man went one step further and allegedly sprayed stickers with some kind of substance, making it harder to remove.

The incident led to Fox News personality Jesse Watters commenting on the man’s actions.

“We understand his frustration,” Watters said. “Gas prices are getting out of hand.”

He added, “But, if you’re going to put up the stickers, maybe keep it cool when the cops come.”

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Biden’s Price Hike

There’s no doubt the stickers, while humorous, are creating headaches for gas station owners who have to peel them off every time they show up.

According to one cashier at a station in Minnesota, it’s “almost an everyday thing.”

Frustration amongst drivers isn’t likely to subside any time soon. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, inflation rose to 8.5% in March. This was due in part to higher gas prices.

The March gasoline price index increased 18.3%

What Can You Do To Reduce Your Pain?

As a way to reduce pump pain, the President will likely announce that gasoline that contains a 15% blend of ethanol is going to be allowed to be sold in the summer.

On average, the blend is 10 cents cheaper than regular gasoline.

The national average for one gallon of gasoline went from $2.86 one year ago to $4.10 Tuesday, according to AAA.

According to an ABC News/Ipsos survey, half of Americans say they are facing financial difficulties due to skyrocketing gasoline prices. Of those, one in five say their financial hardship is “serious.”

Vladimir Putin, the oil companies and Democrat policies are four of the top reasons Americans feel responsible for high gas prices.

However, the gas prices were on the rise long before Putin invaded Ukraine. And the oil companies seem to have been in control during President Trump’s tenure.