Minneapolis Bans Police Use of No-Knock Warrants

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey declared an end to all no-knock searches warrants. A policy that bans police from using and requesting no knock warrants in the city will be implemented. Modest reforms to how long it takes for police to gain access after they have announced themselves are also included. However, does this policy prevent unnecessary deaths?

This change resulted from the February murder of Amir Locke. Locke was asleep on his cousin’s couch as police carried out a no-knock, pre-dawn raid. Locke responded to this aggressive intrusion By reaching for a gunThat he had a license to carry. Locke was shot three times by a Minneapolis Police Department officer, all from a distance of just feet. Locke later died. 

Frey declared in a statement that “We achieved what we set out for,” Press releaseAccording to the policy’s creator, it is one of the most innovative and comprehensive in the country and will ensure that both residents and police officers are safe. Thanks to our partners from both internal and outside who gave data and feedback as well as guidance during the development of this policy, I am grateful. Your efforts will continue to have an impact on Minneapolis’ public safety.”

According to the policy, police must knock on doors and wait 20 seconds before entering. If warrants are served between 8 and 7 am, the waiting time is increased to 30 seconds. You can find exceptions in the new policy.exigent circumstances“” A list which includes stopping suspects from trying to escape, or from harming someone else or themselves. 

This policy categorizes search warrants in low-, moderate-, and high-risk groups. Except in extreme circumstances, officers are prohibited from forcing entry to low-risk warrants. Two supervisors must sign off search warrants of medium risk. The execution of high-risk warrants can only be done by SWAT. They must also be approved by the commander. These warrants must be executed at night by either the deputy chief or an officer of higher rank. 

Is this enough?

Following Locke’s deathReasonJacob Sullum, a member of the sullum family Observed that knocking and waiting, as opposed to entering without announcement, often still leads to unnecessary violence. The Louisville cops knocked at the door. [Breonna]Taylor stayed in Taylor’s apartment about 30 seconds, before breaking into it and claiming they had also declared themselves,” Sullum wrote. She and [Kenneth]Walker didn’t realize that the intruders weren’t police officers. Walker was also charged with self-defense after Taylor was shot and killed. 

Sullum calls for “a fundamental reevaluationStrategies for “dynamic entry”. While Minneapolis may have a new policy that reduces the number of raids of high-risk suspects. However, dynamic entry is still an acceptable practice and the city leaves too many options for disaster.