January 6 Defendant Tried Serving Trump With Subpoena, Turned Away by Secret Service

Unarmed Secret Service agents reportedly refused to assist a process servant who tried to deliver ex-President Donald Trump with a subpoena. This was in support of a Capitol Riot defendant.

Kyle Cheney, a political reporter, shared on social media a document from the court that details the incident.

“A Jan. 6 defendant attempting to subpoena Donald Trump for a deposition had his process server turned away at Mar-a-Lago by an armed person he believes to be a Secret Service agent,” Cheney tweeted.

The process server in the memorandum had expressed his “intention to subpoena [Trump] and several individuals associated with the Trump administration.”

“While attempting to lawfully serve” Trump, the process server was “turned away (by) an armed individual,” according to the filing.

They believed the individual to be a government employee, “specifically an agent of the United States Secret Service.”

It took place in Palm Beach at the Mar-a-Lago Club late last week.

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Secret Service Agent Turns Away Trump Subpoena

The defendant in the memoranda is only defined as a ‘Mr. Thompson.’

According to the Justice Department’s log, there are two individuals with the last name of Thompson. One person has been arrested and sentenced.

Dustin Byron Thompson had also been a defendant and indicated to his lawyer that he wanted to subpoena Trump.

Thompson blamed Trump, blaming him for inciting the Capitol Riot.

Thompson’s lawyer claimed at the time of his arrest he and others “got brainwashed to the point they felt duty-bound to follow the encouragement of their commander-in-chief during a highly charged political rally immediately preceding the invasion.”

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Un accused was found not guilty by the police after being allowed to enter Capitol

Reuters reported that many defendants in January 6 riot case tried to blame President Trump.

“The boss of the country said, ‘People of the country, come on down, let people know what you think,’” one defense lawyer explained. “The logical thinking was, ‘He invited us down.’”

Another lawyer claimed the event was “inspired by the President of the United States.”

Another January 6 defendant, who attempted to remove the President but was denied by the Secret Service turned him away, used a different defense.

Matthew Martin (a New Mexico former contractor for the government) claimed that he had been allowed to enter the Capitol by New Mexico police officers. It was an argument clearly winning.

Jan 6, Capitol Riot Defendant Not Guilty, After He Testified To Police Allowing Him Into The Building

A federal judge sided with Martin, suggesting the defendant “reasonably believed” that police officers were allowing the crowd in, and found him not guilty of each of the four misdemeanors he had been charged with.

This is a lot easier than having your Mar-a-Lago Process Server removed by an Armed Secret Service Agent.

Trump has vocally supported his January 6th speech, and even claimed he would have participated in the march towards the Capitol if it wasn’t for the Secret Service.

The former president told The Washington Post that the “Secret Service said I couldn’t go” or “I would have gone there in a minute.”