The Media and Big Tech Covered Up These Stories. Where’s the Reckoning?

Joe Biden, President of the United States says that he has never had business talks with his son.

He might have.

Hunter Biden may have been paid by the Ukrainian gas company half a billion dollars, because he is renowned for his business acumen that nobody else can see.

It’s possible.

But unlikely.

A Justice Department investigation could reveal whether Hunter was a criminal opportunist and whether or not his father knew of Hunter’s activities, or even helped him.

It is also shocking to see the bias and arrogance Hunter’s reporting revealed about himself among large swathes of media and tech gatekeepers.

Most people will never admit to being wrong today.

The New York PostThe laptop story was reported shortly before the election. This story was explosive and intensely covered by the media. Although Hunter Biden was a target of many, some gathered support. MoreOn top of that, Post. They were skeptical about the authenticity of their hard drives and the accuracy and timing of the story.

Twitter prevented the story’s sharing. Facebook hidden the story. PoliticoThey suggested it could be Russian disinformation. A Washington PostColumn called it “laughably fragile.” A New York TimesIt was called a “farcical repetition of the Russian hack and leak operation that torpedoed Hillary Clinton’s presidential ambitions.” This story was laughed at and forgotten.

A year and half later, it is the PostAnd TimesRecognize that some parts of this story are accurate.

What do you think they don’t know?

“Sorry. It is impossible for us to accept the thought of Trump’s second term. We didn’t report on any negative actions by Democrats.

The Washington PostFinally, he wrote that the “opportunity to reckon with” the manner in which the media dealt with the story. The rest of their editorial was spent making excuses.

One person was not fired.

One person was not suspended.

The policy has not been changed.

This is not a new phenomenon. Facebook has been blocking any discussion of COVID-19’s possible leakage from a lab for many months. The majority of media dismissed it as fake news. The Washington PostIt was called “a fringe theory.” The New York TimesA “conspiracy theory.” PolitiFact called it “Pants on Fire!”

Facebook’s censorship was lifted only after the Biden administration suggested that there may have been a laboratory leak.

Facebook said “Sorry”? “We shouldn’t restrict such critical discussion.”


Were there any apologetic remarks on CNN and MSNBC, or?

They must have been lost.

This may not seem like a huge deal, but it can be a significant deal for you. me.

Posting videos on social media platforms is how I earn my living. Two videos I created suggested that climate change fears are exaggerated.

It’s not true that climate change has occurred to me.

However, it will not cause any problems. It has actually caused many problems.

However, because I stated that the fear may be exaggerated, Facebook’s climate activist “fact-checkers”, who monitor my activity on Facebook ensure that fewer people view my work.

One time, Facebook had many millions of hits. But not anymore.

My climate videos were accurate and I never said anything that was incorrect. Facebook’s fact-checker was helpful in one instance. admittedThat I did not get facts incorrect. Yet, Facebook keeps referring to my work as “partly false.”

Some even quoted me saying things I had never said.

Facebook won’t correct me even though I pointed it out.

Facebook, Twitter. The New York Times. The Washington Post. CNN. NBC. Poynter Institute. Most of the elite media, including Facebook and Twitter are information-sharers.

I am neither a Democrat or Republican. It doesn’t bother me to obsess about Hunter Biden’s illegal activities or whispering in his father’s ears. Even if he did have some influence, it is unlikely that he was able to do so.

America’s Big Media are far less trustworthy than I am. They don’t tell the truth, they don’t correct censors, and they don’t fix mistakes that have been made.

We teach our little children to apologize for their mistakes. Does that seem too high a demand of media titans and social media platforms?