GOP Proposes No Funds For Private Security For Members of Congress Who Call To Defund Police

If a Republican proposal is presented to the chamber, Democrats calling for the defunding of the police might reconsider their position.

The Daily Caller exclusive reported that Rep. Greg Murphy (R.NC) will introduce a House Resolution to ban federal funds from any member of Congress that publicly supports the defunding of police.

The resolution currently has seven GOP cosponsors. The Daily Caller has a copy of the complete resolution.

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Democrats: Do As I Say Not As I Do

At the time of publication, co-sponsors were: South Carolina Rep. Ralph Norman (North Carolina Rep. Dan Bishop), Colorado Rep. Ken Buck and Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs. Texas Rep. Andy Weber is also listed. Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert, Kentucky Rep. Andy Barr are not included.

Murphy stated that the resolution was being introduced in an interview with The Daily Caller.

“Time after time, the American people have been baffled by progressive, hypocritical, and anti-cop lawmakers who publicly decry ‘defund the police’ while simultaneously using taxpayer dollars to pay for their own security details. It’s a classic and timeless example of the Democrats’ rules for thee, but not for me. The Squad could care less about public safety, and they didn’t mind when blue cities burned in Summer 2020 – so long as they get to enjoy personal, private taxpayer funded security.

My resolution condemns any calls made by a member of Congress to ‘defund the police’ and asserts that those lawmakers should not be permitted to use federal funds to pay for their security. The sacrifices made by law enforcement officers for the nation are incredible. We must always back the blue and fearlessly stand in opposition to those who hypocritically threaten peace and our rule of law.”

The resolution would prohibit several prominent far-left Democrats from using federal funds to provide private security.

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Private Security and Democrats Should Be Refunded

Democrat politicians are the most prominent amongst Congress members in terms of spending on private security. 

Eight spots are occupied by them. Raphael Warnock (freshman from Georgia) won the top position with his $605,900 security legislation. Warnock has spoken out against “stand your ground” laws and other Second Amendment related issues. 

Republicans like Ted Cruz and Pat Toomey have also spent big bucks on private security – but they are not aggressive proponents of defunding the police. 

The biggest proponents of defunding the police are the far-left group of Democrats known as ‘The Squad.’

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Because I’m Important That’s Why!

The group that takes the cake in the arena of Congressional “cajones” has to be those ladies called “The Squad.” 

While not the highest spender on private security, Rep. Cori (D-MO) has already spent approximately $70,000 and is definitely the most apologetic. 

She stated, in an interview with CBS News that she believed the root of hypocrisy was greater hypocrisy. “I have private security because my body is worth being on this planet.” She added this message to hard working Americans, who may not be able to afford their own security detail: “So suck it up. It is time to defund the police. We need to defund the police and put that money into social safety nets.”

Some other Squad infractions include Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY. She may be the least frugal with $4,636 for 2021. Rep. Ayanna Polley (D–MA), with $63,000, rounding out the Squad ladies. 

Perhaps a resolution such as this will cure some members of Congress of their “I’m kind of a big deal” mentality.