UnMask’s subversive innovation allows those who are prone to getting too red over mandated masks to breathe easier. UnMask offers users a light mesh mask that meets all of the public health requirements while allowing the wearer to take in as much oxygen and aerosols as she wants.

Not only is easier respiration a benefit, but there are many others. The product also creates that juvenile joy that only comes from simultaneously honoring and undermining an arbitrary restriction—the COVID-era equivalent of wearing a tuxedo T-shirt to a black-tie event. You can add some style to your subversion with a variety of patterns and colors.

UnMask, like the other constricting cloth masks it replaces isn’t the right product for someone who has a chronic cough and is going to grandma. For this, you’ll need a N95 mask that is effective. UnMask can help you perform and look your best for situations where masks may not be required.