Tulsa Police Officers Taunt Elderly Woman With Bipolar Disorder Before Violently Arresting Her

Tulsa Police officers made fun of a woman aged 70 who was suffering from a mental illness crisis and then violently arrested her. Bodycam footage shows.

The footage has caused outrage but Tulsa Police Department claims its officers followed protocol when they knocked down the bathroom doors and dealt with LaDonna Paris last October. Paris was locked in the Habitat for Humanity shop’s bathroom, refusing to move. Paris was suffering from late-onset bipolar disorder. She was experiencing a manic episode.

According to the Tulsa Police Department, Paris was using an aerosol can with a lighter in order to light up his bathroom. But it’s the events that occurred before police knocked down Paris’ door that is being noticed. Tulsa officer shows Paris being asked by her policeman if she would like to have her tased. Then he rattles the door to make fun of the obviously distressed woman.

The officer tells her partner, “This is going to be so much fun,” as they wait for another officer and open the door.


Tulsa does have a team that can assist people with mental health issues, however it was too busy. Paris was instead attacked by the police, who left her with a bloody face. After spending a month behind bars on arson, resisting arrest and trespassing charges, the judge dismissed all charges and cited Paris’ mental well-being.

Tulsa Police Department releases Complete footageHe defended his arrest and acknowledged the incident.

To be exact, banter among officers without the suspect present can still be a problem. Tulsa Police Chief Richard Meulenberg: “Received as unprofessional and was addressed with the officers.” Richard Meulenberg A statement was made. Meulenberg however stated that both the overall actions and manner in which the call was handled were consistent with the Tulsa Police Department’s policies.

In recent years, several cases of abuse by police of elderly people have been in the news.

Austin Hopp was fired as Loveland’s police officer after bodycam footage proved that he had been caught. He was criminally charged. Violently ArrestingKaren Garner (73 years old), was a woman with dementia and aphasia. Garner was suspected in shoplifting Walmart merchandise valued at $130.

Hopp back to the station You can watch the video footage.He dislocated Garner’s shoulder together with Loveland officers to entertain. Ready for the Pop? He asked his fellow officers.

Paris is represented by the Solomon-Simmons Law office.The law firm stated in an interview that the TPD officers were aware of Ms. Paris’ bipolar episode. However, they continued to viciously attack Ms. Paris and laugh off her disability like it was a joke. statement. We are horrified by the outrageous behaviour captured on video, and that Tulsa Police Department attempted to place the blame for this incident on the victim of mental illness episode or police brutality.