George Conway Calls Trump ‘Sociopathic’ For Saying Putin Should Release Hunter Biden Info

On Wednesday, George Conway called former President Donald Trump “sociopathic” for an interview Trump did where he surmised that Russian President Vladimir Putin knew the reason why Joe Biden’s son Hunter was, according to Trump, paid millions of dollars by the wife of the Mayor of Moscow.

Senate Republicans released a report in 2020 that alleged that the wife of Moscow’s then-mayor sent $3.5 million to a firm called Rosemont Seneca Thornton. Hunter Biden co-founded a similarly-named firm called Rosemont Seneca Advisors, though it’s still unclear if there is a connection.

Biden denies the allegation – though he is currently under federal investigation for his financial dealings, which CNN reports is ‘heating up.’

Trump asked Putin in an interview to reveal any information that he may have.

That’s what Conway was responding to when he made his remarks on MSNBC’s “All In” with host Chris Hayes.

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‘Absolute Lunacy’

Conway, the husband of former Trump administration alumni Kellyanne Conway and a co-founder of the ‘Never Trump’ Republican group The Lincoln Project, questioned Trump’s curiosity about Hunter Biden.

“The other day he is asking Putin to release all of the materials on Hunter Biden? What?” Conway exclaimed. “We are in the middle — Putin is killing civilians in Ukraine, and all Donald Trump cares about is, ‘Hey, you may not like Joe Biden because he is trying to help you from killing civilians, so hey, let’s talk about Hunter Biden, give us all your stuff on Hunter Biden. I mean, it is just absolute lunacy.”

Conway’s aborted “We are in the middle” comment before cutting off is interesting. What are we all? What are “we” in the middle of?

Conway used similar words commentsInterview with CNN earlier Wednesday.

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Conway on Trump: ‘It is not just the pathological narcissism. It is sociopathic’

Conway then made it seem as though Trump was not concerned about civilian deaths during the war between Russia, Ukraine.

“You cannot help but root for the underdog here, root for the people who are just and instantly trying to live their lives and are getting murdered,” Conway said. “Donald Trump does not see that. He is not capable.”

“It is not just the pathological narcissism. It is sociopathic,” Conway accused. “He doesn’t actually have any feeling for what is happening in Ukraine.”

During Donald Trump’s presidency, Russia didn’t invade Ukraine.