The College Campuses That Still Force Students To Wear Masks

Washington, D.C. remained one the most pro-masking cities in the nation throughout the COVID-19 epidemic. Retour Indoor masks are required twice for both the Delta and Omicron waves. Mayor Muriel Bowser finally rescinded the mandate—hopefully for good—beginning on March 1, though masks remain compulsory for many school kids, commuters, and library visitors.

The majority of government-mandated masking has ended across the nation, with notable exceptions for air travel. Mask mandates don’t have to be gone. Even though many colleges still maintain mask mandates, they are often in use on campuses that have large student populations.

George Washington University (GWU), for instance—located in Washington, D.C.—still has a universal indoor mask mandate in place and has no plans as of yet to get rid of it. Even though the university insists that all students are vaccinated, they also test them once a week.

Jack Elbaum (a sophomore at GWU) tried to contact the university administration and get further details on why the mandate for masks was not being removed. His request for more information about the university’s mask mandate was not met with a satisfactory response.

“I was directed first to the previous statements of the university and then, secondly, told that GW had not altered its Covid-19 regulations due to ‘our recent Spring Break and the rising of the BA.2 variety. [a subvariant of Omicron]He wrote the following: Federalist. This is not enough justification, to be blunt.

Elbaum tells There are reasons The policies of the GWU make no sense.

“In practice, COVID-19 poses a problem zeroG.W. Elbaum states that the G.W. is not under threat from the community.

GWU is not the only one. Connecticut College insists on indoor masking unless students are drinking or eating in the room. The gym still requires masks. They are also required outdoors for students who are “close to” one another.

New York University (NYU), requires students to use masks except when they’re actively drinking or eating, and if they don’t want their rooms locked up. It is very strict about the type of masks students should wear. No scarves, bandanas, cloth masks are allowed.

Los Angeles University (UCLA), which is equally picky when it comes to masks, won’t be changing its rules until April 11. “UCLA plans to relax its mandatory indoor masking requirements on April 11 for most students, faculty and staff who are up to date with their COVID-19 vaccinations (including boosters), although indoor masking remains strongly recommended,” wrote the university. Please continue following the below guidance until then.

Many college campuses that have rescinded the mask mandate still require masks in the classroom, including the University of Michigan.

Mason Hinawi, an undergraduate from Michigan, said, “I feel that the classroom requirement burdens a lot of students.” The Michigan Daily. “(COVID-19), has been a veil over everybody’s social lives. “I feel that it is time to move things in the right direction. The Administration seems to disagree.

Each college who clings to mandates desperately must answer one simple question. If not now when? While students are safe, policies like those at GWU treat them as the most fragile people on earth.