Rep. Matt Gaetz Enters Hunter Biden’s Laptop Hard Drive Into The Congressional Record During Hearing

Representative Matt Gaetz entered a copy of Hunter Biden’s laptop hard drive into the congressional record after a top official from the FBI’s Cyber Division testified that he did not know what the bureau had done with the computer itself.

This interaction occurred during Tuesday’s House cybersecurity meeting.

Bryan Vorndran, assistant director of the FBI’s Cyber Division, told the Florida Republican lawmaker that he is “not here to talk about the laptop” and would rather focus on the bureau’s cyber program.

“You are the assistant director of FBI cyber. I want to know where Hunter Biden’s laptop is. Where is it?” Gaetz insisted.

Vorndran replied, “Sir, I don’t know that answer,” an admission Gaetz described as “astonishing.”

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Matt Gaetz Enters Hunter Biden’s Laptop Hard Drive Into the Record

Gaetz pressed by noting that there is a cyber-related aspect to the importance of analyzing the hard drive on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

“Has FBI cyber assessed whether Hunter Biden’s laptop could be a point of vulnerability, allowing America’s enemies to hurt our country?” he asked the FBI cyber chief.

He noted that the device in question, currently involved in a federal investigation, had a password of ‘Hunter02’ according to reports.

Undeterred by Vorndran’s inability to determine what the bureau has done with Hunter Biden’s laptop, congressman Matt Gaetz attempted to enter a copy of the hard drive into the record.

“Mr. Chairman, I seek unanimous consent to enter into the record at this committee the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop, which I am in possession of,” Gaetz announced.

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Gaetz Goes After Intel Officials

House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler (D-NY) initially stopped Gaetz from entering a copy of Hunter Biden’s laptop hard drive into the record but changed his mind a short while later after “further investigation.”

Republicans are trying to concentrate on the contents and emails of the laptop. They also point out that Joe Biden could have evidence of corruption.

The media, Democrats, and intelligence officials, however, successfully suppressed the information for nearly 17 months by denouncing it as ‘Russian disinformation.’

That is, until the New York Times earlier this month published a story on Biden’s son’s tax bill and the federal investigation into his business dealings which “authenticated” emails from the famous laptop.

In a letter signed by over 50 intelligence officials published just weeks before the election, the authors admitted they did “not know if the emails [on Hunter Biden’s laptop] … are genuine” and that they “do not have evidence of Russian involvement.”

They published the letter regardless, essentially citing a hunch and stating the story has “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

Gaetz targets also those 51 intelligence officials.

Earlier in the day, he introduced a resolution that seeks to strip the security clearances of those intelligence experts who branded the laptop a ‘Russian disinformation’ effort. It is called the “Spook Who Cried Wolf Resolution.”

Rep. Elise Stefanik, a Republican from New York, is the House GOP Conference chair and suggested Hunter Biden would be subpoenaed in the event that Republicans win back control of the House.

“The American people absolutely deserve answers,” Stefanik said. “There is no greater ethical concern or frankly conspiracy … whether this president is compromised because of his illegal ties to his family members.”