New Poll: Trump Trounces Biden And Harris In Hypothetical 2024 Matchup

A new poll suggests that Democrats would suffer heartache if they were to face off against former President Donald Trump or Vice President Kamala Hariri in a hypothetical matchup.

A new Harvard CAPS Harris poll has shown that Trump would easily beat Biden if today’s election was held.

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Doesn’t Get Any Better

Such a race wouldn’t be particularly close – with Trump trouncing Biden by a margin of 47%-41%. 

Vice President Kamala Harris does even worse. Trump will win a matchup head-to-head by a larger margin (49%-38%).

Donald Trump teased a second run for the White House since a while, but he remains immensely popular among the Republican Party’s base.

The Harvard CAPS Harris poll provides more insight into how American voters might vote for GOP candidates, if Trump doesn’t run again for the White House.

A hypothetical match between Harris and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was revealed in the poll. In the absence Trump, Harris is odds-on favourite. Harris takes the win with the narrowest margins of 40-38%.

But that’s before DeSantis becomes a national figure in the process of running for the White House. DeSantis is currently a state governor and has more than two years to go before the election.

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Tank Approval by Biden

The handling of both domestic and foreign issues is slowly chipping away at Joe Biden’s approval numbers. A new NBC News poll showed that nearly 70% of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of the war in Ukraine.

Biden’s job approval rating of 40% is the lowest it’s ever been in the NBC poll. 

While slightly more Americans approve of Biden’s handling of COVID at 51%-46%, the opposite is true of his handling of foreign policy where 51% disapprove and 42% approve. But it is the so-called “kitchen table” issues, personal income and inflation, where voters are placing the blame squarely on the Biden administration.

The 62% of respondents who believe their income is declining came in at an astounding 62%. 38% blame the Biden administration for increasing inflation.

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Another possible GOP name for 2024 

Donald Trump has been voted the Republican nominee for president by 59% of GOP voters. But, other candidates are also being discussed in case Trump does not want to be there. The Harvard CAPS Harris poll showed that former Vice President Mike Pence was at 11%, and Ron DeSantis at 10. Ted Cruz (Republican from Texas) was also in the top 10,

CPAC straw poll in February saw an eclectic list of names being submitted, including Senator Rand Paul (R.KY), South Dakota Governor Kristi Nem, and former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley was also mentioned, as well as many Senators like Tim Scott and Marco Rubio. All those mentioned brought about single-digit voting percentages.