Let Ukrainian Refugees In

Ukraine is fleeing millions.

Which direction will they travel?

Many want to travel to America. Legally, it can be difficult. The complex system will determine who is eligible for entry.

The line has been crossed, explains the author. ReasonMatt Welch, editor-at-large for magazine magazines in my video.

The United States has a shortage of nurses, yet immigration officials refuse to admit foreign nurses. Although a Mexican teenage who wishes to build homes might be allowed to enter, he would have to wait for 100 years. It’s no wonder that people try to cross the border.

Joe Biden declared this month that the United States will accept 100,000 refugees from Ukraine.

Welch said that “he could snap his fingers to make it 250,000” if he so chose. Welch also stated, “We are a refugee-country, and those who arrive here tend to the be the best.”

They could even be worse, I say.

Welch replied that even the “worst” of the worst made America more beautiful.

This is a reference back to 1980 when Fidel Castro released 100,000 prisoners and encouraged them all to travel to America. Some were his political opponents, but most were, as a Miami TV anchor put it, “bums off the streets of Havana—murderers, thieves, perverts, prostitutes.”

Castro thought they would create problems for America.

Welch declares that this was “false.” Even with their history of problems, they “enriched Miami.” They contributed to the economy, but didn’t affect the lives of the residents. Study shows that Cuban exodus was beneficial to the economy. raisedMiamians with low skills earn less.

America was better because immigrants came in the form of refugees, even though they tried to kill them. Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan were eager to accept refugees from Vietnam, Cambodia and other countries. Reagan claimed that immigrants are better when he ran for office. They share the same dreams, values and they have the same goals.

Welch says, “He bragging about this as a conservative American value.” It is not a conservative value anymore.

Conservatives today are less likely to support letting refugees in, arguing, as Ann Coulter stated, that “Things could turn overnight when you bring in these masses people from very, very diverse cultures.” After that, she made a joke and stated: “And make allowing refugees to become part of our society a hate crime.”

This was not a complete joke. Leftists refer to asking Latinos for assimilation “racist suppression.”

A lot of Americans worry that more immigrants will lead to increased crime. It’s not likely.

Welch mentions, “They are much less criminal than native-born Americans.” He’s right. The chances of being jailed for Native Americans was 11.6 times higher than that of Afghan immigrants.

Welch states that it is hard to accept this truth. It feels wrong but it’s not. People who make the effort to obtain this country are more criminally inclined than native-born people.

What if they only eat welfare? That is what I am asking.

He replies, “Then they’d be the exception.” In general, immigrant Americans receive lower welfare than their native-born counterparts.

People still feel unsafe when there are large numbers of immigrants. When Syrian refugees arrived in Poland, Polish citizens protested.

Now, however, the Ukrainians are welcomed by Poles.

That is what some call racism.

Welch says, “Maybe that is racism.” “But maybe when someone you speak a common language with, and have a common history with…lives right next door, it’s just a different story….Can we spare a moment and say, they’ve just assimilated an astonishing number of refugees. They’re not sleeping in tents, or in cold camps. They stay with other people in their apartments!

It seems like this is a great thing.

America will soon see more refugees. Welch believes that more refugees should be allowed in.

“America’s assimilation machine” he said. It’s something we need to do more of, because it’s so good!


So long as there is peace, they can come.