After Oscars Slap, Liberal Stephen Colbert Says Biden Should Slap Fox News Reporter Peter Doocy

Johnny Carson, the undisputed forever king of late night comedy, once said of mixing the brand of late night comedy with politics that, “Once you start that, you start to get that self-important feeling that what you say has great import. You could also use the show to influence people, which is strange. And I don’t think you should as an entertainer.”

Too bad “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert failed to get that memo.

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It’s time for violence again from the left

Colbert joked Tuesday night that because Peter Doocy of Fox News Channel White House asked President Joe Biden questions, perhaps Biden should do the Oscars-style Will Smith dance and hand Doocy a slap.

Colbert described Doocy as a “ridiculous man asking a ridiculous question.” Doocy was asking Biden to clarify his comments made last week in Europe, when he said that if Russia were to use chemical weapons, it would “trigger a response in kind” by the U.S.

Just in case Colbert failed to get the other memo that explained that words and phrases actually have meaning, was he aware that the phrase “in kind,” according to Cambridge Dictionary, means “in the same way”? 

Doocy tried to explain whether the U.S. uses a different language to Colbert. Chemical weapons Russia. 

Given Biden’s other proclamations last week, like calling for regime change in Russia, no question is too ridiculous to ask this president.

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Liberals: ‘Trump Will Get Us Killed’

Colbert is funny. When they are calling for violence, it’s all fun and games and jokes. It’s no problem to hold a dead president in his hand. Shoot and nearly kill a sitting Congressman, we don’t talk about it and we can pretend it never happened. If a journalist dares to question Washington’s Great Leader, he will be whipped!

For the duration of Donald Trump’s presidency, liberals clutched their pearls and declared that Donald Trump, through a series of mean tweets or some other dastardly deed, was going to get them all killed.

In September of 2020, Slate magazine even went so far as to infer that, of course because of Trump, the phrase “troll the libs” was now “steadily escalating” into “kill the libs.”

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Who is the owner of who?

Stephen Colbert remains the class clown, who once was funny, but is no longer. Peter Doocy continues calling out the Biden Administration.

These are only a handful of the greatest Doocy hits.

Doocy exposes the fact Joe Biden doesn’t know that his government is doing any damage control at all.

This is a long list. Here’s a few more!

While most Americans are divided on “the slap,” ironically for Stephen Colbert, Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld is number one in the late night time slot.