ISIS Attack Kills Two In Israel During Historic Security Summit With Arab Nations

According to reports, two Islamic State members killed and 12 were injured in a shooting attack that took place in Hadera in Israel on Sunday.

Hadera, located 31 miles from Tel Aviv’s capital city, is situated on the West Side of Israel on the Mediterranean Sea.

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U.S. Condemns Terrorist Attack

It is important to time the attack.

The United Arab Emirates (Bahrain, Morocco, Egypt and Israel) were hosting a historic summit at the same time to discuss security issues affecting Arab-Israeli countries. 

The Jerusalem Post says that terrorists who attacked ISIS were Arab-Israelis. 

Two of those killed were Border Police officers. 

The Jerusalem Post reported that ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack and the murderers pledged their allegiance in posts to Facebook.

Antony Blinken, Secretary of State of the United States immediately condemned terrorist acts:

CNN reported, “The two assailants, who were shot and killed by Israeli police, were from the Arab-majority Israeli city of Umm al-Fahm in the northern district of Haifa. A spokesperson for the Israeli police stated that two people were killed by the terrorists who fired on local police officers in Hadera. Police said the victims were members of the border police force.”

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ISIS may be responsible for more than one attack

“A short while ago, two terrorists arrived on Herbert Samuel Street in Hadera and began firing at a local police force. As a result of the shooting, the deaths of 2 passers-by were determined,” the spokesperson said. “An undercover force that was at the scene sought contact and after a brief gun battle neutralized the terrorists,” the spokesperson added.

Earlier in the week, an Arab-Israeli assailant stabbed and killed four people in Israel’s southern city of Beersheba. The attacker was an ISIS supporter who was shot by a civilian.

The Jerusalem Post also reports that, while nobody knows who many Arab citizens of Israel are members of ISIS, Arab-Israeli leaders called the incidents “isolated” and said they are not supported by the population.