Choosing “a Russia of Pushkin” over “a Russia of Putin” is a website founded by Baryshnikov and Sergey Guriev, a prominent Russian writer Boris Akunin and an economist (all expats).

One dictator has taken control of the Russian Federation, launching a war criminally.

All of us Russian speakers and Russian-speaking people are affected by this. In the eyes of the entire world, “Russian” is toxic.

However, it is far worse than what’s happening to the Ukrainian people and their close relatives. Unseen, a humanitarian catastrophe is in full swing. Many thousands of Ukrainians are facing a humanitarian catastrophe. They have lost their entire lives: their homes and livelihoods as well as their properties.

As more people flee, the problem will get even worse. We are all far away from the situation, and many of us live very far. This nightmare cannot be stopped. We cannot stop this nightmare, and we don’t want to. The least that we can do is to help people who are fleeing the Russian—no, the Putin—army.

Let us all in Russia help Ukrainian refugees.

This dictator has declared war on Ukraine and his country. He denies it its future, destroys all living things, replaces them with death, and stamps out the entire population. True Russia, however, is larger, more powerful, and lasts longer than Putin’s Russian “RFia.” It exists and will always exist.

This is what we can do to prove it to others and the world. Donate to the aid of Ukrainian refugees

All Russians unite to stop the war

Baryshnikov’s quote “There is a Russia that is dictatorial, but there is a Russia which is culture, a Russia Putin, and a Russia who is Pushkin” is taken from Vanity Fair. The project was first revealed to me by Andrey Makarevich (a well-known anti-war Russian singer).

Here is how you can donate. Funds will be sent through the UK Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC). DEC did not say whether there was an affiliate in the US that is tax-deductible. I have also emailed TrueRussia. TrueRussia’s appeal raised $1M.