Why Do Shoulders Take So Long to Heal?

The most common injury is the a shoulder injury. It can take time for a shoulder injury to heal. It doesn’t matter if the injury is a dislocation, rotator tear or impingement. These injuries take time to heal. Why is it that shoulders can take so much time to heal? There are several reasons.

The Complex Joint

The shoulder is an intricate joint that has many moving parts. Four muscles and four tendons are responsible for stabilizing the shoulder joint. Sometimes it takes a long time for an injury to one of these muscles or tendons to recover.

The shoulder also has a weight-bearing function. This means that the shoulder must support the arm’s weight and can move in many directions. This additional stress can cause the healing process to slow down.                  

Due to the complexity of the shoulder joint, which has many muscles and tendons around it, injuries or tears can take quite a while to fully heal.

Poor Blood Supply

A second problem is that the shoulder doesn’t have as much blood supply than other joints. It means nutrients and oxygen don’t reach the affected area as rapidly, which can lead to slow healing.

It is common for the shoulder to be one of the least affected joints when nutrients and blood flow are available. This can delay healing.

Most commonly used

A third reason is that the shoulder is often used for everyday tasks. Our shoulders are in constant motion. Our shoulders are used for many things, including brushing teeth and lifting heavy items. The constant movement of our shoulders makes it hard for tissues to heal.

How to increase the healing rate

These factors can make it difficult for shoulders and necks to heal. It is also why the process often takes a while. Most people will eventually be able to get their shoulders normal again with the right treatment.

A few tips can help accelerate the healing process. The first is to rest as much of the joint as you can. Ice the area frequently. To reduce inflammation, thirdly, you can take anti-inflammatory medication.

A physical therapist can also help with strengthening the muscles and tendons around your shoulder joint. Your shoulder can heal with patience and time.