The Song of the Ukrainian Tank Soldiers


This one I found a while back, although it was posted Feb. 27th, in the early days of war. Many thanks to Iryna Forchenko, who translated the lyrics (here is the Ukrainian translation, as well as what looks to be the original post on Facebook with the video). Although the production value is minimal, I believe that the song has greater impact. The song is also more effective if it refers to “fear” instead of fearlessness.

The closing and the introduction are also in Russian. For many patriotic Ukrainians Russian is their first language and much of the resistance has been conducted in Russian. It is not known who the original author was, but he may also be the tank soldier from Kharkiv. If I find out, it will be posted.

[Introduction, in Russian:] [Inaudible.]So we did find a guitar, but don’t worry, this is a song by Ukrainian tank soldiers.

[In Ukrainian:]
Light flashes can disturb the dark night.
Fear in my soul and gunfire around me
It is time to move on, enter the war.
We are the defenders of Ukraine

Forward for Ukraine, our sole mother
Our families are still waiting.
We’ll go to war
We’ll stand like a wall.
We are here to defend and rescue you.

We are surrounded by smoke and gunpowder.
The sound of machine guns clicking and the thundering of bullets.
We won’t forget those whose blood was shed here.
Our hearts will hold you forever.


[Closing, in Russian:] [Inaudible.]Okay, let’s go back to the basement.