“Oh How Good / Our Bad Life Was” — “That Era Is Over”

My favorite line, loosely translated. I translate it below more accurately.

Протянулась здесь на километры
С близкими невидимая нить,
А времени безжалостные ветры
Рвут всё то, что стоило ценить.

The miles were many.
This secret thread connects us to each other.
However, the winds of Time are pitiless
All that is most dear must be taken apart.

(Compare “*Every* bond between Ukrainians & Russians – familial, cultural, historical – is being broken.”)

It is called “Trifles” by the group “Leningrad”, and was performed by Sergey Shnurov. Since being uploaded two days ago, the video has received nearly 1.5 million views.

This is my translation of loose, but not-free from-doubt:

Our lives were easy because we didn’t work hard.
Pardon me, the past is over.
That, which in the past we counted horror—
It wasn’t terror, it was just crap.

All of it is, however, known by way of comparison.
We can’t find a grounding in anything.
The young men were sent to war.
Sorry, but the “special operation” is not available.

[Refrain:] Тhat era is over, my buddy said,
It was so hard, but it turned out to be quite good.
[Female singer, singing in an upbeat pop style that strikes me as deliberately inapt for the words:]How wonderful!
How wonderful!
How wonderful!
It was a bad day.

Each New Year brings the stars
We were driven crazy by their repetition.
However, if we take a look at it now,
This would not be considered as a crime.

Our brains are flooded with propaganda from the bullhorn.
The savage roar can be heard no matter which channel you are on.
Instagram: Call girls from the past
Upload photos of dead bodies.


The kilometers were endless
Our nearest is connected by an invisible thread
However, time is fleeting
All that you don’t value should be taken away.

Old apartment house in the middle of the city.
The key lies always under the mat
My daughter’s bows for my doll
These trifles are very precious.