U.S. Plans To Welcome 100,000 Fleeing Ukrainians

Biden’s administration announced that the United States will accept as many as 100,000 Ukrainians who fled war-torn Ukraine. Announcement today. The Russian invasion forced 10 million civilians from their homes. Approximately 3.5million have settled in countries other than Russia within a month.

Biden officials were previously Please indicateAlthough the government has stated that it will accept Ukrainians fleeing their homeland, it is not clear which immigration routes it would use. “To fulfill our commitment to this, we’re looking into all possible legal paths to the United States. An official of the administration.

Some Ukrainians will not be considered refugees if they are accepted into the U.S. According to U.S immigration law refugees can be a Classof immigrants who have to apply for asylum from elsewhere in the U.S., and must show that they are being persecuted or fear persecution. Also, refugees may be Save asAdministration officials approve permanent residence for one year following their arrival to the U.S. Please indicateThat they would make use of the U.S. They would use the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program, which will accept Ukrainians. However, details of that program are still unclear.

The refugee admission process will be supported by family-based and temporary visas. Reuters reportedOn Tuesday, new immigration measures were announced that they would speed up processing visas for family members of U.S. citizens or permanent residents as well as provide more support staff for temporary status applications known to be ‘humanitarian parole’.

The announcement comes after a number of small measures that the Biden administration took to help protect Ukrainians. Department of Homeland Security NominatedUkraine to temporary protected status in March. This prevented the deportation to Ukraine of Ukrainian citizens and allowed them to get employment authorization over the next 18-months. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Flights to Ukraine, Russia and seven other countries of the region are being deported.

“By opening the country up to these people, we’ll help alleviate some pressure on European host nations that currently bear so much of this responsibility.” Biden official. The Biden administration must now ensure America is secure. LethargicProcessing of refugees LongFamily-based visa applications can be processed quickly to assist the individuals it is trying to help.