Majority Of Americans Think Biden Isn’t Tough Enough On Putin

An Associated Press poll indicates a majority of Americans think President Biden hasn’t been tough enough when it comes to dealing with Vladimir Putin and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The survey indicates 56% of adults believe Biden hasn’t been tough enough while a mere 6% think he has been too tough. 36% indicate the President’s response has been “about right.”

“Few are very confident that he can handle a crisis, and a majority thinks he lacks toughness in dealing with Russia,” the AP reports.

The outlet points out that the poll “shows Americans have yet to rally around his leadership” and Biden’s “negative approval rating has not budged” as the conflict rages on.

The poll found that 43% approve of Biden’s handling of his presidency, and 56% disapprove.

In foreign policy, the President Biden has a difficult time with respect to Ukraine’s Russian invasion.

  • Effectively managing military personnel (39% lack confidence; 26% feel very confident).
  • Advice from advisors should be considered when you make decisions. 32% of respondents have little confidence while 32% feel very confident.
  • Promote U.S. image in the global marketplace (39% don’t have any confidence while 28% do have great confidence).
  • Effectively managing a crisis (42% lack confidence; 26% are confident).

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Biden Isn’t Tough Enough On Putin

A separate poll from Fox News around the same time period – roughly one month into Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine – reveals voters want President Biden to do more to help Ukraine.

The majority of voters are against sending in American troops. However, 32% to 32% support more aid for the Ukrainians fighting Russia. 

Shock jock Howard Stern recently sang Biden’s praises, saying his handling of the Ukraine invasion is a masterstroke.

“People [say,] ‘Joe Biden’s not a good president.’ He’s a great president, not a good president. He’s a great president,” Stern said, praising the administration’s handling of the situation in Ukraine and suggesting Republicans think “Putin is cool.”

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Putin’s Puppet

Former President Donald Trump saw similar poll numbers when it came to dealing with Russian President Vladimir Putin, though he wasn’t facing an invasion that required action and his numbers were more than likely skewed by a media that pushed a false Russia collusion hoax for years.

Importantly, polls show that Americans now believe Putin wouldn’t have taken actions if Trump was president.

A majority of respondents (62%) believe that Putin wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine if Trump was still President.

Trump, for his part, agrees and insists that the Russian invasion in Ukraine wouldn’t have occurred if Trump was President.

“This should have never happened. This would not have happened during my administration,” he said. “It’s a sad thing for the world and the country and a lot of people that will be needlessly killed.”