Joy Reid Says Republican Child Pornography Questions To Judge Jackson An Attempt ‘To Activate QAnon Voters’

On Tuesday, MSNBC host Joy Reid said that the Republican senators questioning Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson’s record on sentencing child pornography cases were meant “to activate QAnon voters in November.”

Reid has made several similar accusations over the course of Jackson’s confirmation hearings, also accusing Republican senators of rallying their “white nationalist MAGA fanatics” base.

Reid made her remarks on MSNBC’s “The Last Word.”

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Reid Says Republicans ‘perform for the Fox News audience, to perform for far-right voters’

Clearly upset that Republicans brought up Jackson’s record, Reid went on the attack.

Reid said, “We know that they don’t care about protecting women and girls. We know that they don’t care about protecting them from things like rape or child pornography because they fully support one justice who caused the phrase, Long John Silver, to be entered into the Congressional record, Clarence Thomas.”

“And they fully support Justice Kavanaugh, who was credibly accused of sexual violence against a teenager in high school,” Reid added.

The MSNBC pundit continued, “So we have a lot of Josh Hawley fulminating about protecting children from for pornography, etc., and Tom Cotton going on about protecting women against rape, etc. The pair backed Justice Kavanaugh wholeheartedly and were shocked that anyone would question him about the three credible allegations of college students and teens sexually assaulting them. OK?”

“So we know they don’t really care about that,” Reid said. “They also fully support Donald Trump, who has 26 accusers.”

She added, “What they care about is performing. Because their real job, much like Marjorie Greene, is not to legislate.”

Reid said Republicans are “performing” for “far-right voters.”

“It’s to perform, to perform for the Fox News audience, to perform for far-right voters who are terrified that their children will learn that slavery was bad and that slaves weren’t happy and singing in the fields,” Reid claimed. “They are terrified. So they want to perform for that audience, so they will vote.”

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Reid: What ‘I saw today was the performance of QAnon’

Reid said that Reid meant to promote conspiracy theories about QAnon.

“So when I saw today was the performance of QAnon, QAnon ideology, trying to tie this woman, who has perfect integrity, that Lindsey Graham voted for twice to be on the federal bench, to try and tie her to child pornography because they know that is going to activate QAnon voters in November,” Reid said.

“It was truly performative,” she concluded. “It was repulsive, and it was purely thuggish in my view.”

Reid performed a similar act on her show and repeated many of these claims.