Fossil Fuels Save Lives

Renewables such as solar power and wind power are promised by the “Greens”, who claim they will take over fossil fuels. The sun and wind are both free and don’t pollute, so they won’t be charged with any taxes!


Today, countries who have embraced renewables import power so desperately that they are unable to find it elsewhere. CoalThe most polluting of them all

They apologize. No. Greens are not afraid to apologize.

Germany is a world leader in renewable energy. They were so certain of solar power and wind power, they shut down half their nuclear facilities.


Germans have become so desperate for power, they want to import fossil fuels made in Russia. And worse still, Germany’s main electricity source, wind, is polluting coal. It’s truly disgusting.

After all of that smoke, the Germans are still paying more for electricity than Americans.

In my latest video, Johanna Neumann, an environmentalist from Germany, is confronted by me. Environment America advocates for 100% renewable energy.

Her beloved renewables provide only 12 percent of the power we need, despite huge subsidies. Then she responds that “Saying renewables don’t yet power our utility network is like saying that a 2-year-old can’t run a race.”

Is that a 2-year old? That kid is too cute. The subsidies for renewable energy have been in place for over 40 years. Not just two.

Neumann states, “How we spend taxes should be reflective of our values.” “Americans…love renewable energy.”

Yes, I suppose we do. It’s a great idea. My roof has solar panels. It would be foolish not to. Massachusetts gives me a tax cut on solar panels because it takes money from another state resident.

Even so, in winter my solar panels don’t work if the sun goes down or they are covered with snow.

That is what kind of an energy solution? It’s not just when the sky is cloudy that people need to have energy. Even when the wind isn’t blowing, they still need energy.

“When the sun goes down…offshore winds get cranked up,” says Neumann.

Non, they do not!

I emphasize that “the wind doesn’t always rise when the sun sets,”

Neumann responds, “Renewables seem clearly better.”

According to her, we will solve the inconsistency in renewable energy by storing it in batteries.

A battery capable of holding energy for many weeks could make it possible for renewables to work. However, it isn’t possible.

This is a complete fantasy. That is why no one has ever done it! Alex Epstein is the author of Argument for fossil fuels.

Epstein rightly points out that fossil fuels have moral value because it is essential for human well-being.

Poor people are particularly dependent on abundant fossil fuels.

Three billion people around the globe still use more electricity than their average American refrigerator. Is it possible to give them modern living conditions? It will all depend on fossil energy.

Even though climate change is a real problem, fossil fuels help to reduce it by making us rich enough that we can afford climate protection.

Epstein suggests that there has been a drop of 98 percent in the number of climate-related deaths over 100 years.

A 98 percent drop in deaths! This amazing, untold tale is about fossil fuels and the benefits they provide. Natural gas and oil are so efficient at providing power. They heat houses when temperatures drop, provide water for droughts, and many other benefits that allow millions to thrive despite climate change.

Epstein says that fossil fuels have given us “an amazing productivity ability.” That’s why we consider the planet livable.

Global warming poses a serious threat. Without a viable alternative, limiting fossil fuels will only make it more difficult to manage the impacts.

We cannot survive without fossil fuels.

They are especially important for the poor.