One Trade Secret to Rule Them All

Starting at Physiotherapy Assocs., Inc. v. ATI Holdings, LLCFriday, June 5, 2012 by Judge Karon Owen Bowldre (M.D. Ala.):

It is best to keep it secret and safe. Gandalf makes no secret of Frodo’s importance by giving a brief order. An item of this value can only be kept secret by serious determination and hard work. Frodo makes a hazardous trip and readers can see the strength and determination he shows to keep his ring safe and secret.

This lawsuit involves secrets of a corporate nature—client lists, financial data, and business expansion plans. Alabama’s trade secrets law requires that such information be kept secret, just like Gandalf’s order. Plaintiff Physiotherapy Associates didn’t protect its secrets. This is its trade secrets lawsuit now Thrown into the volcanoIt is over.