Trump Gloats After Winning Court Case, Stormy Daniels Is Ordered To Pay His Legal Fees

Donald Trump made a statement acclamating the court’s approval for Stormy Daniels’s order to pay him $300,000.00 in legal fees following her defamation case.

It marks the end of the decades-long legal struggle between Daniels, who is actually Stephanie Gregory Clifford and former President.

This declaration was issued by a federal appels court, rejecting her request to change a lower court ruling in her defamation suit against Trump.

Late last week, U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit said it had no jurisdiction over Daniels’ appeal of the attorneys’ fees issue because she did not file a notice within the proper timeframe, according to CNBC.

A federal judge in 2018 tossed out Daniels’ lawsuit against President Trump, citing First Amendment rights, and ordered her to pay the legal fees.

Daniels had sued the President in April of 2018 regarding a tweet in which he denied her claims of being threatened by a man in a Las Vegas parking lot in 2011.

According to the adult actress, a man told her not to go public with an alleged affair that she was having with Trump. She later provided a police sketch of a man many viewed as a dead ringer for her ex-husband.

Trump mocked her story as a “total con job,” prompting the lawsuit.

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Trump celebrates Stormy Daniels’ win

Daniels claims she had sex at the White House in 2006. He denies the claim. Michael Cohen, his ex-personal lawyer paid $130,000 to keep Daniels silent about this alleged affair.

Trump issued a statement Monday evening celebrating the ruling of Stormy Daniels.

“The lawsuit was a purely political stunt that never should have been started, or allowed to happen, and I am pleased that my lawyers were able to bring it to a successful conclusion after the court fully rejected her appeal,” he said.

“Now all I have to do is wait for all of the money she owes me,” gloated Trump.

Daniels was also a target of the Republican Frontrunner for 2024 in his remarks.

“As I have stated many times throughout the years, I never had an affair with Stormy Daniels, nor would I ever have wanted to,” Trump claimed.

He called the ruling “a total and complete victory and vindication for, and of me.”

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Stormy Vows will Never Pay

Stormy Daniels responded to a Twitter user suggesting she’ll need to “hit that stripper pole hard” in order to afford Trump’s attorneys’ fees.

“Before I even pay a dime, I will be sent to jail,” she replied.

CNBC points out that the amount Stormy Daniels owes Trump is nearly equivalent to the amount “that she was swindled out of by Michael Avenatti, her former lawyer.”

Avenatti was found guilty of stealing from his porn star client by tricking her literary agent into sending him almost $300,000 in publisher’s payments.

He faces up to 22 years in prison when he’s sentenced for that conviction on May 24.

Cohen received a sentence of three years for tax fraud, bank fraud, lying to Congress and tax evasion stemming out the payment to Daniels. The other to Karen McDougal who claimed that she had slept with Trump, was also served.