“We Will, We Will Rock You” Comes to the Russia-Ukraine War

It is Russian, you fuck your self (borrowed from Russian warship incident); Christian Scharlau can be used at LyricsTranslate for free:

Remember: In this country
There are no friends; there is only one enemy.
You are the one who brings death on everyone.
Our home will never be taken away by you!

[Refrain:] Russian, go fuck yourself!
Russian, go fuck yourself!

This is your future.
Put a bullet into your forehead, and then you can lie in the grove.
An Ukrainian steamroller passes over the dead.
Mariupol children are always in our thoughts!


We are on the verge of a historic victory
The grandpa Panas took away your tank.
Bravo to all the heroes Death to the enemy!
You stinky occupier. I’ll add one more thing.