GOP Picks Up Torch After Conservative Activist Scott Presler Geniusly Registers Voters At Gas Stations

Democrats are famous for using that old rule of thumb, “never let a crisis go to waste.” Perhaps finally, Republicans might just beat them at their own game.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) has begun to hold voter registration drives at the nation’s gas stations following a successful voter drive by conservative activist Scott Presler

Arizona’s Saturday event was the first step in the launch of voter registration. It will be continued into the future.

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An Logical Space

Ben Petersen was the Communications Director at the Arizona Republican Party. He seemed to agree with the strategy. He claimed,

“Arizonans are frustrated with paying the record-high gas prices we’ve seen recently, this is an issue that affects almost every single Arizonan. There’s no doubt that everyone is feeling the pain at the pump, so a gas station right now may be the very best possible place for one of our volunteers to have a conversation with someone and get someone signed up to vote.”

Later in the day on Monday, the RNC also tweeted, “Want lower gas prices? Vote Republican”

But the idea was not the originally the RNC’s. Scott Presler, a conservative activist who first tweeted the idea early March, was responsible for it.

It was actually a matter of dispute as to the origins of the idea and who took credit.

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‘Bless Their Hearts’

Scott Presler’s favorite thing to do is make the top of leftists’ heads come off. He is definitely doing this with gas station voter drives. 

Liberals often used the Saul Alinsky strategy of accusing their opponent of doing what they are doing.

It was misunderstood and some Democrat chain-of custody secrets were given away.

And some relied on some tried and true stand by’s.

Democrat Talking Points

Democrats, as usual, try to pretend that they have never been present in the room where their policies fail. And the same is happening over who is to blame for the nation’s skyrocketing gas prices.

Democrats have gone to great lengths to portray the gas price hikes as “Putin’s price hike,” but gas has been steadily increasing since Biden became President. 

Biden has also begun to accuse oil companies of “padding their profits.” But what Joe Biden will not tell you is that in the 2022 fiscal budget, there are at least a dozen new tax increases on American energy companies. These taxes end up being passed on to the consumers. It’s not difficult to see why.

While Energy Secretary Pete Buttigieg tells everyone who can’t afford gas to buy a $45,000+ Tesla, the current average gas price in the nation is $4.25.

Scott Presler’s next shop will be outside of the grocery shops, because one great turn always pays another.