From One View of Soldiering to Another

Sergey Babkin cofounded 5’Nizza. The name of the band is pronounced like “Friday”. In 2009, he released a Russian-language single called “I’m a Soldier.” This song, I think, focuses on soldiering’s misery and absurdity. It has received more than 8,000,000 views on YouTube.

A few weeks later, he released a Russian-language version that has been viewed over 5 million times. It makes perfect sense, I think, that so many pro-Ukraine lyrics could be written in Russian. You can take a look, or listen to both.

[1.]Version 2009


This translation is free-riding mostly on this page. (Thanks to unknown katya), but it has some minor modifications.

My name is a soldier
In five years, I’ve not slept.
Dark circles are under my eyes.
I haven’t yet seen them.
So I was told

My name is a soldier
But I don’t have a head

Their boots have won the battle
The commandant shouts Yo-ooo
The mouth of the commander is open
Because a grenade …
Wool made of white cotton

A soldier won’t be healed by red cotton wool
My name is a soldier
Infant of war born prematurely
My name is a soldier
Mother, help me heal
My name is a soldier
Soldier in a Godforsaken Country
I’m a hero

Let me know which novel you are referring to
My name is a soldier
When I only have one bullet, I feel offended.
He or I.
Last wagon
We are one of many millions

The UN
My name is a soldier
And I’m very good at my job
Shooting is my job
For the bullet to not go missing
The body of the enemy
Mother War, this song is for YOU!

Do you feel happy right now?


Russian for "having no head" is an expression that refers to someone who's reckless.

The revised version is here, as it appeared a week earlier:
A translation is also available, free of charge, from an online copy. (Thanks JVjr), With some modifications
As a soldier I haven’t slept in a while.

However, I am nourished with manly power
I am my homeland.
My name is a soldier.
You can break it with your boots.
Ow-owow-ow! Let the enemy shout with a torn lips

They’ll be dust.
They are being torn apart without fear.

Ukrainian: Better than any other medicinal drops
Russian warship, go to fuck yourself.
Trust me. I was a soldier.
It is still filling all of the broadcasts.
Ich bin a soldier.
You are my hero in a new and free world.
As a soldier I can see the rockets flying in peaceful houses.
This is Hell and Sodom.

I am very strong and angry, you can find a million people like me.
Babylon is calling!
My job is easy because I am a soldier.
It is my job to be there
Therefore, the ground is strewn with bodies of the enemy

Mother-Ukraine! This ragga is yours
Ukrainian: “You will be free, my dearest.”
Trust me. I was a soldier.
It’s a Soldier, I get it, but no lacerated wounds.

I’m a soldier in a great, free nation.

They will soon publish novels about me because I am a hero.(*)Does the difference in versions indicate a new attitude to soldiering? Even though it is not explicitly stated in the original version, there is a distinction between righteous and unrighteous soldiers. Do they just aim to express two realities, real or not about soldiering? Song lyrics are not meant to be an academic piece. Tell me what you think.(*)