‘Thought Crime’ Is Essential to Progress

Mike Solana says, “If there is no room for thought crime in your culture, then it’s not growing.” “You’re not living in a culture that has the potential to progress in an exciting and—I want to say The utopian—a positive direction.”

Solana works as a vice-president at Peter Thiel’s Founders FundVenture capital company backed many companies you may be familiar with, such as Stripe, Stripe, and Airbnb. The internet presence of Mr. He is also fiery and outspoken in his criticisms of the tech journalism today that he considers moralizing.

Solana wrote a Substack called Pirate WiresIt offers insightful commentary on technology and politics. (A recent entry is entitled “Social Media’s slow march to obslivion”) Follow us on TwitterThis book is essential reading.

In Miami earlier in the year, he organised HereticonThe “conference for thought crimes” was called. It focused on thoughts and arguments that are often ignored in mainstream discourse. Solana is interviewed by Peter Suderman as guest host. Suderman discusses ideological tribalism, the role of the media in creating distrust and the limitations of libertarian thinking regarding dealing with events like Russia’s invasion Ukraine.