Democratic Strategist Calls Kamala Harris’ Europe Trip ‘Tragic,’ Embarrassing

On Sunday, Democratic strategist Doug Schoen ripped into Vice President Kamala Harris’ behavior during trip to Poland and Romania as the face of the Biden administration amid the crisis in Ukraine. 

Schoen, a longtime Democrat veteran who was worked for the Clintons, said that he “was embarrassed” by Harris.

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Democrat Schoen on Harris’ diplomacy effort: ‘I think this was tragic and very, very, very sad’

Brian Kilmeade (Fox host) opened the segment by showing Harris laughing in response to questions about U.S. granting asylum to Ukrainian refugees.

“Brian, I was embarrassed,” Schoen said of Harris. “This is not a Democrat and Republican issue, this is an issue of transcended foreign policy needs and concerns of the United States.”

“She came up not only short, but the laughter, the the failure to unequivocally say ‘we will do anything we can for the Ukrainian people to provide as much support as possible’ sadly means that I have to agree with Monica.”

“I wish I could disagree, but as a Democrat and an American first, I think this was tragic and very, very, very sad,” Schoen added.

Harris answered a question about U.S. policy towards the influx Ukrainian refugees during the Polish press conference. laughedShe and the Polish President Duda hesitated about who would answer first.

The vice president then said “a friend in need is a friend indeed.”

After that, she laughed once more. 

Later Thursday, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s former spokeswoman Iuliia Mendel tweeted that “it would be a tragedy” if Harris ever became president of the United States.

Since then, that tweet has been deleted.

Mendel Submitted CNN’s Alex Marquardt during an interview on Friday that Harris’ laugh was “inappropriate” and “a very bad experience” for the people of Ukraine.

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Gingrich: ‘If you watch Kamala Harris, how could you send her anywhere?’

Mendel and Schoen weren’t the only critics.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich slammed Harris on Friday, telling Fox News, “… If you watch Kamala Harris, how could you send her anywhere? I mean, the fact- she is such an example of weakness and ignorance that having her in Poland and Romania weakens, it doesn’t strengthen, the Western alliance and nobody’s coming to grips with the reality of Putin.”

As might be expected, over at MSNBC the takeaway was the exact opposite: that Harris was tough and “put her finger in the chest of Vladimir Putin.”