Kamala Harris Gets Criticized – ‘The View’ Panel Cries ‘Racism!’ ‘Sexism!’

You can predict certain things about life so well that your watch will be set by them. The sun rising in the morning, the moon rising in the evening, and, of course, the hosts of ‘The View’ blaming any criticism of Vice President Kamala Harris on ‘racism’ and ‘sexism.’

On Friday, the “ladies” were outraged that anyone would dare question the competence of Harris’ recent performance overseas. Harris and Andrej Duda were joined at joint press conferences on Thursday by Harris. From there, it was all downhill.

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Kamala Harris laughs after being asked a grave question (Again).

A serious question about the situation of the Ukrainian refugee crisis was raised during the press conference. It was not directed specifically at Harris or Duda, which led to some confusion about who should answer.

Harris did what she often does when confronted with something she is unprepared for – which, if you ask me, is often – the VP laughed. She then said to President Duda, “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” Duda then responded to the question.

A video from the press conference went viral on social media. Many people wondered what the joke was about the desperate refugee fleeing their war-torn home.

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The “ladies” of ‘The View’ were seemingly not sobered by the plight of homeless refugees either. Instead, the panel’s focus was all about the injustice done to Kamala Harris.

Bring On The Faux Outrage

Joyless Behar initiated the pearl-clutching. “The laugh got them … I personally think if she was a guy, they would never say it.”

Behar reminded everybody that Hillary Clinton had been ridiculed because of her laugh.  She added, “I don’t see them making fun of Pence’s laugh or any of the guys.”

But we all know that just a suggestion of sexism isn’t nearly enough for the ever-objective panel at ‘The View.’ Their analysis of current events is rarely complete without a round of the race card being played. Sunny Hostin, Sunny’s co-host made sure that this was the case.

“What it is is that they constantly question the qualifications of Black women, and that’s why people are saying that she’s unprepared.”

No, Sunny. Sunny, there is no question about the abilities of black women. Only this.

Many are questioning Vice President Mike Pence’s performance. Similar to Mike Pence’s previous performance, the Vice President of the United States is under intense scrutiny. 

Weep to those who attempted to defend the Vice-President. That too was off limits as guest co-host and token “conservative,” former White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham, quickly found out the hard way.

Not only did Grisham disagree with Hostin’s assessment, but also said she thought Harris was “a very accomplished woman.”

Hostin didn’t like it at all and quickly gave Grisham his explanation. She defends the vice president!

“You can disagree, but that’s the truth of it. This is racist. This is founded in misogyny. And we’re talking about a woman that has extensive experience abroad, extensive experience as an attorney, extensive experience as the chief legal officer of one of our largest states in the country and I think this is just much ado about nothing.” 

Co-host Ana Navarro chimed in and said, “Absolutely there’s a racial aspect to it.” The other bobbleheads nodded in agreement.

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Kamala Harris gets unfavorable poll numbers That’s OK, She’s A Liberal

Sunny Hostin continued to gush over the wonderful job Kamala Harris is doing, suggesting our current VP gets “wonderful marks across the board.” Hostin also talked about Harris’ “extensive experience abroad.”

Hostin, however, did not give any examples of Harris’ foreign expertise.

They are amazing marks all around.

Kamala Harris is 37.8% favorable according to the Real Clear Politics average poll. 50.8% unfavorable.

But don’t be fooled by the girls at ‘The View’ defending Kamala Harris because she is a woman or because she is black. Because she’s a liberal, they are supporting her.  

Only one has to go as far as Gov., the former Vice President candidate. Sarah Palin can be a great example of this.

In 2008, every mainstream media outlet ridiculed Palin for something, but ‘The View’ was especially harsh. Joy Behar’s “scathing and unrelenting attacks” on Sarah Palin were highly publicized at the time.

What is the reason? They might see Palin, a conservative, as an easy target. And conservatives, especially women, they just don’t count.

This is what I personally can attest to. Ask any conservative woman that has been confronted by a mob of liberals – you know, the “Party of women.” 

Kamala Harris meets President Klaus Iohannis in Romania this Friday. Just to get ahead of this – any perceived ineptitude on her part is, of course, just a guise for rampant racism and sexism. This is all you need to know.