Media Wonders If Americans Will Have To Say ‘Goodbye’ To Meat

The price of virtually everything is rising in America, and Bloomberg the friendly media outlet has asked us if beef should be given up.

While it might seem obvious, American culture is built on the idea of being able to grab a steak and a hamburger. It’s our freedom to eat whatever we like, whenever we wish. It’s a great benefit to be the most powerful nation in the world.

Inflation and troubles at meat processing facilities could be conspiring against us to eat beef as our main food source. 

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There are many factors involved

Bloomberg reported that Tyson Foods Inc., JBS USA and other meat processors are reporting the lowest profit per head for cattle over many years. Interestingly, Bloomberg refers to beef as a “luxury meat.” 

Luxurious meat? Bucko?

Bloomberg points out the common reasons for profit loss. On the one hand, inflation is on the rise and people eventually look for less expensive options. 

A recipe for disaster is higher costs combined with lower demand. 

And the war in Ukraine isn’t affecting just gas prices, which can be a huge cost especially for smaller farmers.

Another place where the pinch will be felt is with American farmers’ ability to feed those delicious beef cattle. Rising feed costs will lead to higher meat prices as Russian grain exports are cut.

You can see the spiral taking shape.

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Global Warming Agenda Part of Left Villainizes Meat

The rising cost of meat and gas is certain to cause some people cheer. 

Since “climate change” warnings have ramped up, you’ve no doubt noticed headlines like the following: 

  • The Guardian estimates that meat accounts for almost 60% of the greenhouse gases emitted by food.

  • Reduce your meat intake: UN Climate-change Report calls for a change in human diet (Nature).

  • The Climate Crisis Can Be Helped by Individuals Who Eat Less Red Meat (Scientific American).

These are just a few examples. Everyone knows the need to reduce gasoline consumption.

This is a great coincidence.

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The Religion of the Left

Democrats have used the storm of inflation and conflict in Europe to promote their belief that climate change is a good thing.

Reduce your meat consumption and help the environment.

Pete Buttigieg, the Transportation Secretary suggested recently that Americans who are worried about rising gas prices should go out and get an electric vehicle. For those struggling to afford gasoline, it may be difficult for them to spend $40,000+ on an electric vehicle. 

Reduce your carbon footprint and save the earth. 

Of course, with an eye-popping 64% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck… well, you get the picture.

At any rate, it’s uncanny that these twin crises fit perfectly into the Democrats’ desires. 

We’ll see if they follow former Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel’s adage to “Never let a crisis go to waste.”