Brickbat: Color Blind


After an investigation revealed that they had violated the department’s policy against unjustifiable stops and questions of citizens, two West Chester police officers were issued warnings. Joel Herzog, Chief of Police said that officers Tim Mintkenbaugh (and Tanner Csendes) knew that the shoplifting suspect was a white male wearing dark green or grey coats. Eric Lindsay was a black man in an orange coat when they stopped him. Bodycam video showed Mintkenbaugh say  “It doesn’t look anything like him” when Csendes pointed Lindsay out. They approached the suspect. They approached him, and a dispatcher informed them that the suspect was located in another part of the shop. Lindsay was confronted by the dispatcher, who said that Lindsay had been accused of concealing objects under his coat. They finally heard a dispatcher say again that the suspect was at another section of the store, and they left. first published the post Brickbat Color Blind